Yangshuo with children

One of the questions we get is if traveling to Yangshuo with children is interesting for the kids. The answer is quite simple: YES. The question, obviously, is what can we do with our children?

Almost all activities in the Yangshuo area are not only great for adults, but for children too. You children will love to get a bicycle and go out in the country side.

Swimming in the Yulong river
Your kids won’t have more fun than swimming in the Yulong River!

Young children and babies

William and Linda of Snow Lion Riverside Resort and their children
William and Linda of Snow Lion Riverside Resort with their children

Some hotels have a child care facilities. Smaller family run hotels have children themselves, like the Snow Lion Riverside Resort.

And when cycling and exploring the local countryside there will be many children around to make friends.

Activities your children will enjoy

Other options are rafting. especially in the Yulong river, which is for all ages a success.Kayaking is a great thing to do. Exploring the caves Even with little children Yangshuo can be exciting. The Buddha Cave is always hilarious as it contains a lot of mud and therefore a lot of fun.

Swimming pools are not available in all hotels and there’s no public pool. Should you bring you children, we recommend the Green Lotus Hotel which has child care facilities and a large swimming pool.

Evening activities can include theLiu Sanjie Watershow and the cormorant fishing which is always a success. See for example this story about cormorant fishing in Yangshuo.

Learn Chinese cooking with your children, Linda from Cloud 9 will be more then happy to show you some secrets of Chinese cooking in her Cooking Class Yangshuo.

Hot Pot dishes Fruits in Yangshuo

Left: Hot Pot dishes
Right: Fruits in Yangshuo

What could be your childrens’ favorite food to explore? Dumplings seem to be a popular dish. Another great dish to explore is hotpot. Join all together around a pot with hot soup and uncooked meat and vegetables (similar to fondue in Europe). You cook the ingredients yourself and then eat them with a several sauces. Great fun (not only with children!).

Explore the local fruits, there’s a lot of them you will not easily find in your own supermarket like pomelo, persimmon or Kumquats or cumquats, local named Jinju are excellent fruits to try out. Don’tforget the local grapes and plums, they’re awesome. You can find them around West Street and, usually cheaper, at the local market, which is also something to explore as it has a lot of things not available at your own market.

Chinese calligraphy Chinese calligraphy

Learn Chinese calligraphy or draw your own t-shirt!

Yangshuo with children who are a little older and in for a real adventure? Climb up to theYangshuo TV tower, or, if you stay at the Snow Lion Riverside Resort, climb up here at one of the rocks to have a great view over the area. The hike up to the TV tower is less steep though longer and has more spectacular views. Not recommended to do with little children!

Local kids in the school in Pudi
Yangshuo with children meeting children, here local kids in the school in Pudi

A visit to Pudi with a motorraft is also a great day out. Jessie has a one day tour to Pudi available that shows you all you want to experience. The local kids will be happy not only to see you but see your children as well. You may want to visit the local school too. This will be an enlightening experience for both parents and children.

In case of emergency …

When you are traveling with children, things happen. It can happen at home, at school and also during your holiday. Although in Yangshuo there are plenty of excellent pharmacies it is advised when you go on bicycle in the country side, to bring a first aid kit. We have a recommendation what it should include, read more here. You can always fill up your kit in town if necessary.

In case you need a doctor, there are western standard hospitals in Guilin. We recommend the Guilin Peoples Hospital  which has English speaking doctors and has an excellent service. Here’s more.

There should be nothing to hold you back from visiting Yangshuo with your children.