A much under developed part of the Li River is the Yangshuo to Puyi area.

This is no less spectacular then the northern part which is covered by the Guilin – Yangshuo river cruise and the Yangdi – Xingping cruise

The boat trip from Yangshuo to Puyi starts with a short taxi ride to the jetty in Mushan village. Here you can either board a boat or a motorraft.

The travel time is a few hours. You can ask the boats man to stop in several places on the way. Liugong is a popular place to have a short stop.
Although Liugong is maybe one of the more well-known places at the riverside, many visit Liugong by bicycle following an old dirt road, there are othernvillages which are less known.

Further on the river you will pass Bamian and a bit further Pudi, both on your left side. Pudi should not be confused with Puyi and Fuli (we offer 1 day tours to Pudi). A bit further the last station of the Yangshuo Puyi river cruise comes in sight. On your right you will first have some hills and then you will see 2 new highway bridges crossing the Li River. On your right the small village Puyi becomes visible.

The last few years with the building of the new highway which connects Guangzhou with Wuzhou and Guilin, Puyi has become slightly bigger, but it is still a very small village, despite the several new buildings on the way out of the village.

At the riverside is a restaurant. Apart of the one old street there’s little to keep you busy for more then 15 minutes except enjoying the river.

If you have decided to bring a bicycle, the road from Puyi to Yangshuo, 17 km is for the most flat although in the first few kilometers out of Puyi it has some short climbs.

Alternatively you can cross the river to Fuxing (boat or bridge) and cycle all the way back to Fuli and Yangshuo. It’s worth the effort, see this page for the details.

Floating restaurant at the riverside in Puyi, you can
use this bridge to reach Fuli (long way), see this page for more details.

However, if you are not that sportive, you can either take a local bus or taxi to bring you back to Yangshuo. Should you want to let us organize it for you, have a look here.