Yangshuo restaurants and bars

There’s a lot of Yangshuo restaurants and bars . Which is good, which is not? This depends a lot on what you like and where you come first. In one word: taste! Therefore this page can not be seen as the ultimate page about restaurants for Yangshuo. It’s based on our personal taste. That is with one exception: Cloud 9 which is by far the best Chinese restaurant in Yangshuo and Cloud 9 is the one you have to try out.

What is your favorite restaurant
in Yangshuo ?

Eating in Yangshuo can be a real treat. Finding a restaurant is easy, finding a good restaurant can be a big more difficult. What is your recommendation?

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So this page gives a few in our view good restaurants and bars, we know these restaurants, have eaten here and we recommend them. However, it does not mean the others are not good.

Therefore the list below could have been as long as maybe 100. And not to mention the hotels that have their own restaurant services. The list could be endless. So which ones do we recommend?

Cloud 9

There is no doubt Cloud 9 is the best Chinese restaurant in Yangshuo. If Chinese food is what you want to explore, this is your number one destination. Cloud 9 is located at the corner of Chengzhong Road and West Street, at the first floor. Entry is at the Chengzhong Road side.

Eating after cooking class in Cloud 9
Eating after cooking class in Cloud 9

What makes Cloud 9 different from all the other restaurants in Yangshuo? Two reasons: by far the best quality food (try the Sichuan dishes) and the atmosphere.

For the cooking enthusiast, Cloud 9 offers twice a day cooking classes. Price depend on the dishes to prepare

More about Cloud 9 here

Cafe China

Malcolm’s Cafe China is located a bit further on the way to the Li River. This Yangshuo restaurant is great place to hang out and if you want to escape the crowds in West Street but still want to have a view on them, go to the rooftop. It has great views over West Street and Yangshuo.

Cafe China Yangshuo

Malcolm’s coffee and cheesecake are of the very best you can get in Yangshuo. But do not limit yourself in the coffee and cakes as his menu offers many surprises.

More about Cafe China

Kelly’s Cafe

Hot pot with Kelly in Kelly's Cafe
Hot pot with Kelly in Kelly’s Cafe

Kelly’s cafe is one I recently found although it exists since 2003. The cafe is located just behind West Street in one of the newer build streets: Gui Hua.

It’s a small cozy cafe cafe with free internet service and good food. Kelly is a hard working lady who has build the cafe a few years ago.

There’s an air-conditioned room upstairs and you can sit outside near the old local laundry place (which is no longer in use as laundry and watch people passing by)

Many expats living in Yangshuo hang out here at night time.

Here is more about Kelly’s Cafe

  • Kelly has a new cafe/hostel opened in Xingping. It’s a great place for staying in Xingping,check here for details.

Kelly's Cafe in Yangshuo

Orange Tree Cafe

The Orange Tree Cafe opened it’s doors in 2011. It’s a small cafe at the Li Riverside at the far corner of Die Cie Rd and the Li river boulevard. The Orange Tree Cafe is a perfect choice for either a good cup of coffee or a fruit juice with chocolate cake. Trust me, you can’t get it better in Yangshuo.

The Orange Tree Cafe is open from around 8AM for western breakfast until late in the afternoon and in my opinion the best for coffee and cake.

Orange Tree Cafe Yangshuo

Cafe Mimosa

Cafe Mimosa is another popular cafe in the Gui Hua street (near Kelly’s). Although the cafe seemingly offers the same as other cafes the food here is different. I would recommend the breakfast here with a big mug of Yunnan coffee and great homemade bread.

Cafe Mimosa Yangshuo

Chinese and western food are also great and comes in huge quantities. This is certainly one of the better cafes in town, with a good atmosphere (original table designs!) and interesting wall paintings.

Pure Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant

The Pure Lotus Restaurant is one of the more hidden gems of Yangshuo. It’s located next to the Magnolia Hotel at Diejui Jie. The Pure Lotus Vegetarian is the best vegetarian restaurant in Yangshuo.

Pure Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant

Dishes included braised tofu with tea leaves; braised vegetable balls, beans steak with sauce. Recommend is the vegetable Curry and braised eggplant.

Kali Mirch Indian Restaurant

For lovers of the Indian cuisine there is good news. Kali Mirch is a new Indian restaurant specialized in north Indian food. It’s the only restaurant in town as such.

Kali Mirch Indian Restaurant

Rock & Grill Cafe

Rock & Grill CafeFor the best western food in town you have to go a little to the back streets of Yangshuo. Rock & Grill Cafe is located not far from the Sun Yat sen monument at Fuqian Road. The relaxed cafe offers you not only some of the best western food in town, but also a very quiet place to hang out for hours.

As the name suggest the grilled dishes are some of the best the cafe offers but an afternoon drink just to relax is also a great option.

There are dozens and dozens of other cafes and many offer similar service as the cafes mentioned above. The best way to explore is simply go into them and find your own favorite.