Shopping in Yangshuo

Local shop in YangshuoWest Street is the most popular place to start your shopping in Yangshuo adventure. Yangshuo does not have any big shopping centers (for those you need to go to Guilin or other cities) but instead there are plenty of small shops selling all kinds of unique goods which are sometimes hard to find elsewhere. As said, West Street is probably the best destination to shop but other streets, East Street is trying hard to equal West Street, have shops and hawker stalls too. This page gives you an idea what you find.

Note also the tourist market at the arrival of the boat from Guilin and at night around the entrance of the Liu Sanjie Show. Before buying something, shop around first and become familiar with the prices offered.

The post office in Yangshuo is very effective and helpful to make sure your souvenirs will be send home.


yangshuo paintings

There’s plenty of souvenir shops but what are the interesting things to buy in Yangshuo? A good souvenir is always a painting roll.

Paintings are an excellent thing to give away. You will find quite a few painting shops in West Street. Popular motives are an imaginary Guilinesque landscapes, 4 seasons, flowers, bamboo, warriors, calligraphy and other motives. Paintings usually come on the roll but you can buy the painting usually without a roll too.

Prices depend on size, use of colors and the painter. Although motives are commonly used and many are made in art galleries in production line, they are all handmade and thus unique. The price is always negotiable.

The best quality paintings in Yangshuo can be found in the Morningsun Gallery in Cheng Zhong street (same street as McDonalds). It might not be the cheapest shop, it certainly have some of the very best art works in Yangshuo.

Here is more about the Morningsun Gallery

Xingping has some good quality painting shops too and the paintings can be cheaper if you bargain hard.

pencils, brishes and other materials for caligraphy and painting in yangshuo

Many shops also sell painting materials like pencils, brushes, paint and some shops offer lessons in painting and calligraphy.


handicrafts in yangshuo

Handicrafts in Yangshuo, yes there are plenty of shops selling handicrafts from all over China. You will find cheap Tibetan silver, tribal textiles, Yunnan dresses, Dong minority embroidery and much more. The Dong Xi Fang shop in West Street is a good starting point to explore the handicraft for sale in Yangshuo. However, check other shops too. Ask for prices around until you roughly have an idea about the price and then bargain.

Handicrafts for sale include masks, puppets, antiques, woodcarving and much more

Masks and puppets

Like the paintings masks and puppets, expensive or cheap are all handmade and all unique. Most masks are made of wood and colorful painted. Puppets are usually dressed up in traditional costumes with embroideries. They might be heavy but it’s easy to mail them back home. The post office in Yangshuo will help you ship them safely back home.


Buying antiques can be a tricky business. Not all antiques are allowed to export to your own country. Make sure if you buy antiques you are sure you can bring it back home.

7 Star Teahouse Yangshuo

Tea, the 7 Star Teahouse

Yangshuo is a great place to pick up some local tea. The tea production area of Yangshuo lies north of the town. Check the 7 Star Teahouse for details to visit the plantation, get a tea ceremony course or just buy some of their local produced teas.

You will find the 7 Star Teahouse at Die Cui Lu, from the bus station it’s the first shop on your right hand


Have you learned to eat with chopsticks? West Street has a variety of shops selling beautiful chopsticks in sets of 8 to 24 pairs.

Fans/palm fans

Fans and palm fans in yangshuo

Most of the fans and palm fans can be found at the hawker stalls near the Li River and exit of the boats from Guilin. Fans can be made of paper or bamboo.

There’s an easy and popular gift. Like masks and paintings it’s a good idea to send these home by mail.

T-Shirts and other clothes

West Street and New West Street have several T-shirt shops. You can let your picture be drawn on a t-shirt or buy a t-shirt with your favorite
person or picture on it. Some shops offer shirts with calligraphy or cartoons of famous people (or yourself, if you insist).

There are several clothes shops with trousers, shirts, ties, skirts, dresses etc in western sizes. You might even find shoes in your size.

Climbing materials in Yangshuo

Outdoor materials

In West Street and Guihua Road there are a few outdoor shops. Some of the shops are related to climbing shops and offer specific climbing materials.

Camping gear, sunglasses, even sleeping bags. You will find (copy) North Face materials.

Pillow sheets, bags, hats etc.

You want to buy a souvenir for the folks back home but have little space in your bags? Pillow sheets are a nice and lightweight present.


Many travelers search for books. It might be a hard search in other parts of China but in Yangshuo it’s easy. Many cafe’s have books to trade (usually 2 for 1) and there are several small book stores with a surprisingly interesting 2nd hand collection.

Masks for sale in Yangshuo

Masks for sale in Yangshuo

Local supermarket

Yangshuo has all over plenty of local supermarkets selling local produced goods. Here you find local tea, win, cigarettes, biscuits and much more.

I said it earlier on this page, it might be a good thing to send some of the things you have bought back home. If there is one place in China were the post office is used to this service, it’s in Yangshuo. Don’t wait until a bigger city, Yangshuo has an excellent service and the staff speaks English. Sending parcels home from Yangshuo is a much better and easier option then almost anywhere else in China.