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The Yangshuo Markets

The Yangshuo market is one of the many ways to experience local Chinese life. The market is not only a place to buy groceries, meat, agricultural tools but they are also a meeting place.

The Local Yangshuo market

Yangshuo MarketThe market in Yangshuo is daily but you can also visit one of the rotating markets in either Xingping or Fuli. Every 3rd day the market moves to the next town. This gives the local villagers from nearby villages the opportunity to go shopping and socialize not far from home.

If you really want to experience some of what people call the "real China", the local market is where you have to go. Local markets have a long and rich history, some became famous, for example the Sunday Market in Kashgar - Kashi on the so called Silk Route).

Most markets you will find in the heart of cities, towns and villages. Many markets in the big cities have nowadays disappeared and people shop in supermarkets. In Yangshuo the central market is also in the heart of the town center. It is located opposite of the bus station, next to the Yangshuo New West Street Hotel.

Yangshuo MarketThe market is hidden inside the buildings but it is easy to find as there are plenty of salesmen sitting at the doorway. Just walk in and follow your nose. If you enter on the left side, you will first find all the fish, snails, turtles, frogs and other river animals and then the vegetable and fruits.

Further on at the market you will find the dry products as spices, sugar, salt, chicken-, duck- and quail eggs. Some sell seeds, other have all kinds of other dried vegetable products like nuts, peanuts and dried fruits.

You might find in the back some people barbequing a dog (Chinese love to eat dog). And of course there is the live section with people selling chicken, ducks and pigs.

The local market has everything a Chinese household would possibly need.

It is a good place to pick up some local fruits. Bargaining is usually easy.

The market as a meeting place

Yangshuo marketThe markets are also a meeting place for friends and relatives who live in other villages. Although almost everyone has a cell phone, meeting in person is always preferable. The markets are an excellent opportunity to renew bands of friendship. It used to be one of the  places were marriages are created. Secret lovers meeting and were parents arranging the details.

The local market moves from town to town in 3 days (although Yangshuo has everyday market). Other villages were, in the mornings, you can visit the local market are Xingping and Fuli. If you take a tour with Jessie, she will make sure you will be able to visit one of the markets.

Tourist Markets

There are several tourist markets in Yangshuo. At the end of West Street at the Li River you will find one of the oldest in town. A bit further, near the landing of the ferries from Guilin is another.

At the entrance at the Liu Sanjie show is a tourist market, but it's only open at night. Last but not least you will find at night a tourist market at the beginning of West Street.

Yangshuo West Street Market
Local seller of tourist stuff

What will you find at the tourist markets? Well, the usual tourist stuff like masks, fans in all sizes, silk wear and other textiles. The famous Red Book of Mao is also for sale. There is embroidery, handicrafts and even jewelry, Chinese puzzles and children's toys. Anything you can imagine, and anything you can't imagine is to be found here. Enjoy!

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Shopping in Yangshuo

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Shopping in Yangshuo

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