As Yangshuo is growing, more and more Yangshuo hostels and guesthouses seem to pop out of the ground. So we offer here a list of additional hotels that didn’t make it on the already long hotel in Yangshuo list here.

Yangshuo West Street

Yangshuo Outside Inn

The Yangshuo Outside Inn has a great concept. It was originally build by Herbert, a Dutchman. He leased several houses and build the Outside Inn basically from the ground on. Only the walls remind of the original structures.

Soon after the Outside Inn opened, it became an instant success because this kind of Yangshuo hostel didn’t exist here.

Nowadays the place is usually full booked, so you have no choice than to book in advance.

Giggling Tree

Giggling Tree YangshuoThe Giggling Tree has a similar concept as the Yangshuo Outside Inn. It is a hotel located near the Yulong river.

The Dutch owners offer a basic, clean and friendly hotel in the rural countryside with stunning views towards the Yulong river and the mountain range behind it.

If you are looking for a cheap guesthouse in Yangshuo, the Giggling Tree gets thumbs up from travelers.

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Monkey Jane’s Guesthouse

Monkey Jane’s Guesthouse is another backpackers favourite in Yangshuo town center. It’s cheap, clean and the staff is friendly. Don’t expect a high class hotel, you get what you pay for and in that range, Monkey Jane’s is a decent deal.

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Climbers Inn Yangshuo

Yangshuo west streetClimbers Inn Yangshuo is a long time favourite of backpackers. It’s located in one of the backstreets a minute from West Street.

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Backstreet Youth Hostel

Backstreet Youth Hostel is also located in one of the backstreets next to West Street.

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Charming Inn

Charming Inn has a good reputation. The location is good, staff friendly and they offer a good service. It’s cheap too.

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7th Heaven Cafe & Hostel

Yangshuo has plenty of cheap hotels, hostels and guesthouses. My favorite over the years has always been the 7th Heaven Cafe & Hostel. Originally located at West Street, but now the cafe has moved to a more quiet area 2 minutes away from West Street.

The 7th Heaven has only a few rooms and they’re often full so make sure you book in advance. The food is since long of very descent quality, especially the western food is much better then many of the other places where I have been eating.

7th Heaven Cafe and Hostel
7th Heaven, a popular Yangshuo hostel

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Yangshuo Resort

The Yangshuo Resort located at the Gongnong bridge. Although it’s a 5 star hotel, it get mixed reviews. I have visited the resort, it looks great but it also seems the service could be better. Still, it’s worth to check it out. Yangshuo Outside Inn

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More Yangshuo hostels and guesthouses

The amount of Yangshuo hostels is staggering. And it seems on an almost daily base more open. For some more Yangshuo hostels, check one of the following links

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