Yangshuo caves

There are numerous cave in Yangshuo and Guilin. Many of the Yangshuo caves are well explored and are easy accessible but there are still some which are not open to public and hard to access. On this page you will find some of the easier to access caves. Keep in mind, there are many others.

This page contain the main facts for travelers to Yangshuo. We included:

  • Silver Cave
  • Dragon Water Cave
  • Butterfly Spring

The Silver Cave

The Silver Cave is one of the best Yangshuo caves, if you ask me. It is a few years ago since I visited it but compared to other caves, I thought this was the best. The Silver Cave is located some 20 km south of Yangshuo. About 2 km of the caves is available for tourists. The Silver Cave has several levels with specific scenic spots. The underground river can be explored, if the water level is not too high.

Let us organize your trip to the Silver Cave

Dragon Water Cave

Dragon water cave is one of the largest most exciting natural cave with large underground river to explore in Yangshuo. it is about 20 kilometers away from Yangshuo, 30 minutes car drive.

The cave Maintains maintain their natural primitive style, meaning there are no artificial man-made stalactite landscapes.

The reason to visit the Dragon Water Cave is not just to explore the natural beauty, you can also enjoy a mud bath and hot spring bath in a natural stone basin (bring swimming suit).

The cave gets its name from the surrounding peaks, like circling dragons, and the numerous stalactites with shapes suggesting images of dragons in diversified postures. You need some imagination to see it though.

Butterfly Spring

The Butterfly Spring is named after a huge stalactite in the shape of a butterfly. The cave itself is huge, around 400 meters. The cave is lightened up with artificial lights to increase the effects. Some say it’s tacky, others love it. The Butterfly Spring, at the main road, near Moonhill is certainly worth the Y35.

In the park, which is well maintained, you will find especially in spring many butterflies. The Butterfly Exhibition Hall of the park contains models of about 300 butterfly varieties.