One of the great river cruises is Yangdi Xingping. Although you can do the cruise the whole day, we recommend to do it before the large cruise boats (will all theirnoise) come to this part of the river.

Recently the river cruises can start from as early as 6AM and onwards. It takes about about an hour from Yangshuo to reach the starting point in Yangdi. Some will claim that this river cruise is similar or even the same as the more popular Guilin river cruise, see details here, but nothing can be further from the truth.

The surrounding of Yangdi is spectacular. At the riverside we take a bambooraft and drift off to Xingping. If you come early, you will slowly see the mountains coming out of the dark and morning mist which makes even more mysterious. And even inthe early morning some locals are already busy fishing.

The 1.5 hours or so river drifting to Xingping is beautiful, no sounds can be heard except the motor of the boat. There is a serene silence in the countryside you will not experience later the day either by hiking or on the Guilin river cruise.

It is for that reason we highly recommend this river cruise to start early, before the cruise boats from Guilin arrive.

The cruise is done by bamboo raft, not by big cruise boats, which makes the experience even more spectacular.

We have a special package for the Yangdi river trekking.

This special package includes:

  • From Guilin hotel to Yangdi, boat to Xingping and continuing
    transport to Yangshuo, price Y450 per person
  • Starting point in Yangshuo, taxi to Yangdi,
    boat to Xingping and transport back to Yangshuo, price Y430 per person

The minimum is two people per package. We can not do it for less money or less people.

You can book this tour here with Jessie or Ping, our guides in Yangshuo

In Xingping you can visit the local market and the old town center and either continue traveling to Yangshuo by taxi or local bus. There are a few hotels in Xingping of which the This Old Place is one of the nicest.

Another river experience would be a hike/boat journey starting from Yangshuo. The hike/boat journey takes about 4 to 5 hours. The journey will include 3 boat rides and hiking to the villages of Lanshi and 9 Horse Hill. The price for this 4 to 5 hour journey is Y300 for 1 person, 2 or more pay Y250. In Xingping we take the local bus back to Yangshuo.