Western and Chinese paintings

Travers, master wholesale painter in Shenzhen

China has a long tradition in arts. Chinese paintings are different from oil paintings produced by the western masters. Not many painters have the ability to combine both styles. Our friend Travers is one of them. Travers is a wholesale painter in China, living in Shenzhen.

Born in Chang De in Hunan province, Travers was young when he realized he an urge to draw whatever he saw. He came to Yangshuo to learn and improve his English. For a while he was studying at the Omeida school in Yangshuo where his talent was not unnoticed.

It was through Jeannie, one of the teachers at Omeida school, I learned of Travers’ work. To my surprise Travers did not have any education in painting. He just followed his dream. Chang De was too small for his ideas, but so was Yangshuo. Thus he moved to Shenzhen where he met fellow painters with similar ideas: making a living as wholesale painters in China with the opportunity to sell worldwide.

As living on oil painting is not easy the group decided to copy the western masters. Western art became in the last years more and more fashionable and many Chinese people feel the desire to have a real Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh, Gauguin, Pissarro, Turner, Cézanne or others in their living room.

However, the originals are not accessible for ordinary people. Who can spend millions of dollars to get an original Van Gogh or Renoir? Reproduction posters are of course an option but nothing beats a real oil painting that comes as close to the master as possible.

As working as an individual painter is not easy, Travers joined in 2002 a group of more then 200 painters who work from various locations but all have their work on sale in Shenzhen. (see a set of photos of shops, artists and their oil paintings here) Although Travers is specialized in western painting, he paints occasionally, on demand, the Chinese masters. “So far the market seems too small to have a living on Chinese painting alone”, Travers explains. “We paint anything you possibly can imagine. If I can’t do it, there’s one in our group who is more specialized to do that”.

“We do the old Dutch masters, 19th century impressionism but also modern art.” With the shop in Shenzhen the group has established themselves as a center of art, with a studio where the artists can be seen working on the job.

There’s an extensive bookstore about all kinds of art books. There is a special framing shop where all paintings are framed but if you want to bring the painting home without frame, that is also possible.

“As to the quality, it is understood by painting experts that art products can hardly be measured only by price because quality is of equal importance. Good quality is salable, poor quality only wastes your money. Plus, we have more then 10 years experience. We have 4 quality levels and we paint on high quality canvas and painted by artists with over 10 years experience.

We have four quality levels:

  • Museum quality: Paintings will be on the highest quality canvas and painted by artists with over ten years experience. All the details will be carefully painted & the finished paintings will be exactly the same as the original pictures.
  • High quality: Paintings will be on high quality canvas and painted by artists with over 10 years experience. The paintings will be as similar as possible to the original pictures.
  • Medium quality: Paintings will be on medium quality canvas and painted by artists with more than five years experience. The painting details will be as similar as possible to the original pictures.
  • Commercial quality: Paintings will be on common canvas and painted by painters with over 2 years experience.”

Travers explanation is clear, but I wanted to know about the Chinese masters. “We can do Chinese paintings on request”, Travers says. “So far the demand is almost solely the western masters so that is what we deliver, and in the best possible quality.”


The quality specification says it all, a painting can be good but if the wrong materials are used, the painting will be poor. Travers: “We only use durable and quality canvas. The canvas used is characterized by its high absorbing undercoats, which apply well and guarantees that the paintings will last a long time. Each of our paintings is a unique art work, painted with great attention to detail. The replicas will have similar colors and tones to the original pictures.”

Paintings on request

As you can imagine, you can simply ask Travers to paint your favorite masterpiece. Always wanted a real Monet in your living room? or an Appel, Rubens or Cezanne? Maybe a William Turner? or George Hendrik Breitner? Travers paints them for you!

All you need to do is ask him, he’ll answer you within 24 hours.


There are four ways to make a payment to Travers.

  • Paypal
  • Western Union
  • Wire Transfer
  • Visa/Mastercard

Payment Terms

  • 50% as deposit requested if painting value is less than $3000.
  • 30% as deposit and the rest to be paid when the paintings are ready for delivery, if painting value is US$3000 or more.

Sending paintings overseas

“Of course we send our oil paintings overseas, I have just send a few to England”, Travers tells me.”If the quantity is small, oil paintings are rolled and safely packed with thin plastic layers in between and with a hard piece in center and will be delivered by airmail. However, if the quantity is big, paintings will be flatted out & put into hard pasteboards and delivered by sea mail.”

Contact Travers

The easiest way to contact Travers is using our form. But if you are in Shenzhen, you may want to visit his shop at:

17G A-Buliding Xin He Ai Qin Ju,Bu Ji,
Shenzhen City,

or use this form to contact Travers

More photos of Travers and his work here and a bcollection of photos of the shops and art work in Shenzhen