The train tables to and from Guilin

Many travelers take the train to Guilin. That is because Guilin is the major transport hub in Guangxi. On this page you will find the trains to and from Guilin. For most of the trains Guilin is only one of the many stations on the way. Most trains will stay about 10 minutes at the station.

The times below are correct at the time of printing but can change without notice at any time. Best advice? When booking your ticket, sort out if the train is on time or not. And be always about 30 minutes in advance at the railway station.

Click here to open the schedule for all trains to and from Guilin. You will need Adobe Acrobat reader, if you don’t have this,click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader. Should you want to download, click on the right button of your mouse and download to your computer

Legend of the table:

AC : Air conditioning

S.E.: Special Express, trains beginning with the letter “T”, (“tekuai” in Chinese). These are the fastest and best-equipped trains, all with air-conditioning, and also the most expensive. Most of the international trains are included in this group.

Express : Trains beginning with the letter “K”, (“kuaisu” in Chinese.) They all have air conditioning. Most of the trains in China are now included in this group.

Fast: Trains with only numbers, no letters. Some have air conditioning (noted on the timetable as AC). In Chinese these are called “pukuai”.

Snail Train : These trains are extremely slow, stop at almost every station, and have poor facilities. In Chinese they are called “manche”. There are very few Snail Trains operating in China now.

Train Class:

  • “T” = Express
  • “K” = Fast
  • plain number = Local