Cozy stay in Xingping

Xingping is to me what Yangshuo used to be. The old Qing village has a lot to offer to the more adventurous traveler. But does it mean the less adventurous traveler should skip? Contrary! Xingping is an amazingly relaxed little village with excellent activities in the area and a very good hotel serving all you want.

This Old Place – the Hotel

This Old Place xingpingThis Old Place is called a Youth Hostel but it offers a much better accommodation then a Youth Hostel. The location is close to the Li River with some rooms with views on the river itself, from the rooftop, you have a spectacular view over the Li River and Xingping town.

Although the name suggest different, This Old Place is a very new hotel. Located at the main road, Rongtan Street in Xingping, this is where you will want to stay.

Leo and his wife Xiao Yang have build this hotel almost from the bare ground. The construction is finished and all rooms are in full operation. Only on the roof, some adjustments are made to make it more comfortable for you to enjoy Xingping.

All rooms have private bath, TV and balcony. Downstairs is a pool table and a small library. (you can use our currency converter to compare the price in your own currency)

Room Type


Dormitory 4 Beds

Y30 /Bed

Double Standard


Twin Standard


Twin Standard
with Mountain view Balcony


Twin Standard
with Riverview Balcony


Prices can be different during Golden Week and Chinese New Year

Leo and Xiao Yang have several out door activities for you available. They are active rock climbers and hikers. As Leo and Xiao Yang live for a long time in Yangshuo (no, they are not local, they’re originally from Gansu and Yunnan but fell in love with each other and with Xingping) they know all the very best spots in the Xingping area.

Twin Standard Room with Riverview Balcony, a magnificent view...
Twin Standard Room with Riverview Balcony, a magnificent view…

You will be able to find rock climbing in Yangshuo town, but Leo knows some spots which are not used by anyone else.

I have been a regular visitor in Xingping but until I found This Old Place, I was not really impressed with any hotel in town. This Old Place is by far your best choice. Very nice and clean rooms, great staff and Leo and Xiao Yang are very nice people, always ready to help you. Highly recommended!

Peter, September 2008


An interesting experience would be a driftage at the Dayuan river. The starting point is located 8km from Xingping town and is about 4 km long. You will use a so called dinghy and a life vest and you will accompanied with a guide. Leo says: “When the drifting ends, no matter what weather condition, many people say… wow.. what a wild river!”

This Old Place, Xingping
Room at This Old Place, Xingping

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing with Leo means a search for adventure. Leo offers introduction courses, half day but for advanced climbers, he has an overview of all the best spots in the Xingping area.

A hazy morning in Xingping
A hazy morning in Xingping

Cormorant fishing

Cormorant fishing in Xingping is similar as in Yangshuo town. It might be a better idea to see the cormorant fishing here as it is less busy and more original.

This Old Place scenic views
This Old Place scenic views

This Old Place Restaurant

This Old Place Restaurant is not located at the same place as the hotel. It’s located a few streets away in the heart of the old town. The little restaurant has a good menu and English speaking staff. Although the location has no views on the Li River or at the surrounding mountains, it does offer an interesting look in the local activities in Xingping.

This Old Place Restaurant Xingping
This Old Place Restaurant

The little street where the restaurant is located has some very nice and small local shops where it seems time have not passed yet. Some houses here are hundreds of years old. The restaurant itself is also an old building, renovated into a cozy restaurant.

Freplace in This Old Place, Xingping