Pudi is my home town and home to a little Chinese Temple festival. In my hometown stands a temple which is more then 100 years old. The temple was destroyed around 1970 but in 1990 floods demolished what was left at the time.

temple in Pudi village
The temple in Pudi Village

In 1999 the people in the village decided it was time to rebuild the temple. People started to look in the history of the village and realized the temple brought good luck and happiness and they wanted the temple back where it belonged. For the villagers the temple is, as Jessie says: “a peach and happiness symbol.”

To celebrate the rebuilding, the village made 2nd February festival day. It is the celebration of the day that the temple has been rebuild.

Collecting money for the festivalMr. Feng Shui said: “The Pudi village looks like a phoenix on top of a hill, ready to fly out to find a dragon as a husband.” So the village chieforganized a team of young boys from the village who went to the Li river in front of the village.

The boys were to perform a lion and dragon dance, accompanied with drumming. Then they brought a claypot with water to temple. The dragon was invited to come to the temple and marry the phoenix. During the ceremony lots of fireworks were used to bring good luck and drive out the evil spirits. Special food was offered to the dragon and the phoenix as they are indeed a magic couple!

That night the village people had a wonderful dinner, celebrating the marriage of the dragon and the phoenix. The couple was entertained with a local opera performance.

Since 1999, every year the marriage of the dragon and the phoenix is celebrated. Many people from surrounding villages come to visit and pay tribute to the dragon and the phoenix with offers and fireworks. Every year a local opera is performed. In the Pingle country, the Pudi Temple Festival is now very famous.

Celebrations and activities at the festival

Every family in Pudi pays Y20 (about US $3) to have a local opera play be performed in the village. The village gives them free accommodation and food. There are two shows a day, one before lunch and one after dinner at night.

Spectators at the opera
Spectators at the opera

During the day, the village organizes a basketball competition (remember, basketball is because of superstar Yao Min very popular). The winner of the competition earns a gold medal and Y1000.

The basketball competition
The basketball competition

During the day the village is very busy. Many people from surrounding villages visit to pay respect to the temple and enjoy the opera and the basketball competition. Usually the men prefer the basketball competition while the ladies and children enjoy themselves with the opera.

The local Chinese opera in Pudi Village
The local Chinese opera in Pudi Village

After the opera and basketball competition, all visitors can go to one of the local houses and enjoy a free meal. To reward the host of the house were they will have lunch, the visitors will bring a present to show their gratitude to their hosts.

In the years since the start, the festival in Pudi Village, not far from Yangshuo has grown out to a big event. We brings guests, if any at the time around to the festival to let them enjoy this typical local temple festival.

Jessie Lu

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