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It is obvious that a teahouse in Yangshuo exists. Think about it, say China, say Tea. China has a very long tea history. Wikipedia writes:

7 Star Teahouse Yangshuo“In one popular Chinese legend, Shennong, the legendary Emperor of China and inventor of agriculture and Chinese medicine was drinking a bowl of boiling water some time around 2737 BC when a few leaves were blown from a nearby tree into his water, changing the color. The emperor took a sip of the brew and was pleasantly surprised by its flavor and restorative properties. A variant of the legend tells that the emperor tested the medical properties of various herbs on himself, some of them poisonous, and found tea to work as an antidote.”

“Shennong is also mentioned in Lu Yu’s famous early work on the subject, Cha Jing. A similar Chinese legend goes that the god of agriculture would chew the leaves, stems, and roots of various plants to discover medicinal herbs. If he consumed a poisonous plant, he would chew tea leaves to counteract the poison.”

7 Star Teahouse Yangshuo

7 Star Teahouse in Yangshuo

After water, tea is the most widely-consumed beverage in the world. In more then 52 countries tea is produced. China has many different areas with their own local brand tea and Yangshuo is one of these areas.

Annie Zhou preparing tea in her 7 Star Teahouse
Annie Zhou preparing tea in her 7 Star Teahouse in Yangshuo

But during the years I did visit I never paid much attention if there was local tea. Sure, I knew there were tea plantations north of the town in a lesser visited area. And yes, I had seen tea sold in the “Local Supermarkets” but had not paid much attention. I am not an overly enthusiastic tea drinker.

7 Star Teahouse Yangshuo

7 Star Teahouse Yangshuo

Different tea for sale in the 7 Star Teahouse in Yangshuo

This time some friends put my attention to the 7 Star Teahouse. The small shop is managed by Annie Zhou, a local lady who has this little shop now for over 4 years.

7 Star Teahouse

Yangshuo, Further production of the teaThe 7 Star Teahouse is specialized in local tea. The tea sold in the shop comes from the local plantations just north of the town center. The shop offers a variety of different tea, I tried some green tea and some jasmine tea, if proper prepared, as Annie showed me, it taste great!

Tea can be as expensive as you can wish for. Although I am not a tea expert (and I do not claim either), I can taste the difference between some teas. Annie has some very good (and expensive) tea available but if you prefer to bring some very local and cheap tea home, then that is no problem too.

For the lovers of tea, Annie has some beautiful tea sets, tea pots and typical Chinese tea cups available.

7 star teahouse yangshuo
All you need to make a great cup of tea

Visit the Yangshuo tea plantation

All the tea is, as said, local produced. Therefore Annie organizes day trips to the tea plantation. You will go to the plantation where the 7 Star Teahouse gets their tea from. Here you will learn about the growing processes-, differences and other aspects of the local tea industry.

Tour to the tea plantation Yangshuo, pick your own leaves
Tour to the tea plantation, pick your own leaves

You can pluck some tea yourself. You keep the picked leaves and drink your own tea. After the tea tour, drinking a cup of tea will never be the same.

Tea package in the 7 Star Teahouse

Tea ceremony and classes

For those interested in the traditional Chinese tea ceremonies, Annie does tea classes in which all the aspects of the tea ceremony are explained and showed.

Chinese tea ceremony in the 7 Star Teahouse
Chinese tea ceremony in the 7 Star Teahouse in Yangshuo

Tea ceremonies are no longer easy to find in China. Much of the tea ceremony culture has vanished over the years. Annie has preserved the culture and art of the local Chinese tea ceremony. Following a class of Annie in which she explains about the art and culture will increase you appreciation of drinking tea. There could be a whole website dedicated to the culture and art of the tea ceremony alone.

Location of the teahouse in Yangshuo

The 7 Star Teahouse is located at Die Cui Road (Die Cui Lu). When you come from the bus station it’s the very first shop on your right hand. (see the Yangshuo map for more details). Highly recommended!

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