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Teaching in Yangshuo is a great opportunity to stay a long time in China, to learn the culture, language and get in touch with Chinese people.

Yangshuo has several international schools. These schools in Yangshuo and China are schools for Chinese students who are very eager to learn English as their prime subject. And they want to learn it from foreigners.

Yangshuo has a long history and a great attraction to Chinese students to learn English. The obvious reason is that since many years Yangshuo is a popular destination for foreigners (see other parts of the website). The fact that the town is small enough for students to go around and practice their knowledge is an important asset for students to come to Yangshuo.

There are several schools who have proven themselves consistent over the years. This has a lot to do with the quality of their education. Chinese students want to learn from foreigners. So it is foreigners the schools want.

teaching in Yangshuo

If you want to teach English in China, all you really need is a college degree and native fluency in English. Training in ESL is useful and you might feel at a loss without it, but a certificate is not necessary. However, the better qualification, the more choice there is.

Students come in all ages. You will teach mostly younger students, 10 to 18 years old but some schools also offer classes to students from 18 and on.

If your desire is to stay for a longer time in China, teaching is certainly a great option to make your stay cheap. But what are the requirements? What do we need to know from you to give you a good school?

Teaching in Yangshuo

Before we can help you finding a school we need to know a few things:

  • Native English speaker?
  • Qualification?
  • Where would you like to teach?
  • Teaching experience?

What can you expect? This depends on the school. In general the schools offer a fair salary, depending on level of experience, hours a week etc. Many schools offer free accommodation and meals. We offer our service base from one month to one year on contract base.

Guilin Guanmei International education Exchange Inc. 

Our contact in Yangshuo is the Guilin Guanmei International education Exchange Inc. company who has connections all over China. Our contact with Guilin Guanmei  International education Exchange Inc. is James Ou.

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Should you already be in China, you can call James for more info 0773-8813000 or (0086)-13907834334. Or you can use this form.

Documents providing

We have several documents from Guilin Guanmei International education
Exchange Inc. y
ou may want to read before you apply. These files require Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can either click on the document to open in a new window or right click on the file to download to your own computer

Interested in teaching in Yangshuo or other places in China,contact us to find out your possibilities for teaching in Yangshuo, Guilin and other cities in China