Snow Lion Riverside Resort

An oasis of peace and tranquility in the Yangshuo countryside

The Snow Lion Riverside Resort is my favorite Yangshuo resort. The Snow Lion Resort is where you would want to go for a relaxing holiday. Here’s why.

The Snow Lion Resort is located 10 minutes outside Yangshuo along the Li River near Mushan village, east of Yangshuo town center. The resort is owned by William Lu and his wife Linda Liang. The name Snow Lion Resort refers to the nearby hill top with the name Snow Lion.

The resort is brand new, it was opened only in 2006 (see the story of the building of the Snow Lion Resort). With its 30 spacious rooms, the Snow Lion is a really good choice, especially now a pool has been added.

The resort is located near the Li River with Mushan village in walking distance. The resort has 30 very spacious rooms and all have private balcony.

But what makes this resort better and nicer then other resorts? First of all the location nearby Page Boy Hill, the Snow Lion Hill and the Green Lion Hill is spectacular.

The first thing that immediately catches they eye is the way the hotel has been build. The architecture of the hotel is different from any other hotel in Yangshuo or even in China.

With a spacious rooftop terrace you can have your own private party up here, complete with a barbecue.

Rooms and prices

The Snow Lion Resort has 30 excellent rooms for good prices available. There are the following types of rooms:

  • Standard twin bed rooms: two single bed rooms with balcony
  • Family suites: one big king size bed and two single beds with balcony
  • Deluxe suites: one big king size bed and comfortable sofas with balcony
  • Deluxe Double Room: kingsize bed and balcony
  • Big Double bedrooms
  • Triple rooms: 3 Single beds with balcony

All rooms have the option to place an extra bed for an additional fee per night.

The Snow Lion Resort has wireless internet facilities so you can bring your laptop computer and work in the spectacular scenery.

Contrary to most hotels, rooms on the back have an equally spectacular view (though not on the river) as rooms on the front. If all the front rooms are full booked, do not be disappointed, your view on the back is great too.

So, what do you pay for the Snow Lion Resort?

Room Type

Golden Week


Lowe Season

Easter, Qing Ming, Labor Day, Moon Festival, Christmas
twin room (16 rooms)
Y 600 Y 400 Y 300 Y 500
Standard Twin room

(6 rooms))
Y 600  Y 450 Y 350 Y 550

(one king size bed +one single bed) (5 rooms)
Y 700 Y 500 Y 400 Y 600
suite room
(one king size bed + two single beds) (5 rooms)
Y 950 Y 700 Y 550 Y 800
Queen bed room (5 rooms) Y 650 Y 450 Y 350 Y 550
Kingsize Bedroom
(6 rooms)
Y 750 Y 500 Y 400 Y 600

(three single beds) (2 rooms)
Y 800 Y 580 Y 480 Y 680
Y 150  Y 100 Y 100 Y 150

Above prices are including tax. Breakfast is not included but always available in the restaurant. (you can use our currency converter to compare the price in your own currency)


How about eating in the Snow Lion Resort? The bar, cafe, restaurant is great. I spend some time in the Snow Lion and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food.

A great choice for your breakfast would be the Snow Lion Breakfast. It contains of a bowl of noodles with vegetables, meat and fried egg plus steamed buns and honey and coffee or tea as you wish.

Western meals are, of course, also available.

Lunch and dinner are available. William and Linda have an excellent chef who prepares for example great claypot noodles, steamed dumplings and many other dishes.

And in case you want to organize a barbeque, either in the garden or on the roof top, the Snow Lion Resort has these facilities also available.

Snow Lion Activities

No need to get bored at the Snow Lion Resort. William and Linda have a series of activities for you available. Read more about the Snow Lion Resort activities here.

The history of the Snow Lion Resort

The Snow Lion Resort is the fulfilling of a dream of William and Linda. But the process of building a resort of this quality was not an easy process. William provided us with some pictures of the building process and the story of the building of the Snow Lion Resort.