Snow Lion Riverside Resort – the history

The Snow Lion Riverside Resort is owned by William Lu and Linda Liang. William and Linda are two locals from Yangshuo county who build the Snow Lion Resort. Here’s the history of the Snow Lion Resort.

Snow Lion Resort logo

When William and Linda got married they were dreaming of their own resort outside Yangshuo. William was already the owner of the popular 7th Heaven Cafe and Hostel (and before the 7th Heaven, he co-owned the Countryside Cafe at the beginning of West Street). Linda was working at both the White Lion Hotel and the Mountainretreat.

William and Linda were searching for a location for their dream hotel. However, it’s not easy to find a good location AND a location which is affordable. In 2004 they finally found their location near Mushan village, a few kilometers outside Yangshuo town center and conveniently close to the Lie Sanjie Lightshow

The name Snow Lion Resort comes from the nearby mountaintop the Snow Lion which is located at the Li River bank. The Snow Lion used to be covered with one type of flower which is white in autumn and winter. During the flowering season the hill looks like a white lion sitting and guarding the nearby village Mushan.

On the other side of Mushan stands the Green Lion Hill. The Green Lion Hill got its name from the number of big trees that grow on the slopes and are all year around green.

Recently the Mushan villagers have planted Osmanthus trees and every October the area is filled with the wonderful smell of Osmanthus flowers.

The Snow Lion Resort was designed in August 2004 but it took until October 2005 before the building started.

The building process took more then a year and was finished in December 2006. Many villagers of Mushan and other villagers in the area where involved in the building process and according to William and Linda, the building would be impossible without their help.

When all the building had been finished, people needed to know where to go. At the entrance of the road to the Resort, this board was placed. You can’t miss it!

William and Linda were so kind to provide us with some photos of the building process.