You will not get bored when staying at the Snow Lion Riverside Resort. William and Linda have several spectacular and unique activities for you available. Some of these activities are unique for the Yangshuo county as no one else offers these.

Mushan village

The Snow Lion Resort is located near Mushan village and one of the first things you should do is visit the village. Nothing has changed much in many years apart of the arrival of TV and trucks. Read more about Mushan Village

Hiking to Liu Gong

Linda explained to me she has a great hiking path all along the Li River to Liu Gong. It’s a path virtually unknown to any tourist, even to those who live for a long time in Yangshuo. Although I know the area quite well, I didn’t know about it too. The hike can be done both ways, for example, first walk to Liu Gong and then take a boat back, or walk one way and take a taxi back. Several options are possible.

Liu Gong
Liu Gong

Cooking Class

Learn some Chinese cooking. Linda is a master cook, no doubt. Anyone who has eaten in the Snow Lion Resort or William and Linda’s Cloud 9 restaurant in Yangshuo know that Linda is the real deal. Cooking classes are organized in their Cloud 9 restaurant (transport to Yangshuo town is included). We have a lot more about the Cloud 9 cooking class here

Cooking class in Cloud 9
Cooking class in Cloud 9

Climbing Yu Ping Hill

I admit I am guilty. My first visit in Yangshuo dates back to 1995. And it was only until 2008 I climbed the Yu Ping Hill. Why didn’t I do it earlier? Maybe I was too lazy, maybe I was thinking I would do it “next time”. I have missed something, that was clear when I went up the hill.

Yangshuo from the mountain top
Yangshuo from the mountain top

The climb up starts almost at the front door of the Snow Lion Resort. The path is actually stairs that lead all the way to the top of the hill. It’s a relatively easy climb up but the hills is actually 100 meter high!.

Only the last part is quite steep but the view from the top is breathtaking in all directions. Highly recommended at sunrise. The climb takes about 30-50 minutes depending how much time you spend on the way up.

Snow Lion Hill

The Snow Lion Hill is about 5 minutes walk from the resort. Start your hike by walking through Mushan village. It’s a small hill of around 30 meters high with steps to the top . Every morning you can see the women do their laundries in the river. It’s a good walk for the kids to see the dogs, pigs ,chicken and water buffaloes in the village .

Bicycle renting

rafting starting point at Yulong riverThe Snow Lion Resort has bicycles and maps available for exploring the surrounding. Bicycle rent is Y15 per day.

There are two good routes to cycle from the Snow Lion riverside Resort:

The first route goes from the Snow lion Resort -> Dutou Village -> Xingzhai Village to Liu Gong Village. Here you can have lunch at the riverside. After lunch you continue to Muqiao Village -> Yongchun Village -> Aishan Village and Yangshuo town before going back to the resort.

From the resort to Liu Gong village is about 15 km, nearly 2 hours biking. From Muqiao Village to Yangshuo town you will follow the main road which will take another 1.5 hours. The whole loop is about 27 km.

The second route starts at Snow Lion Resort to Aishan Village, Yanchun Village and Moon Hill which is a good place to have lunch. From here you continue to the Yulong River, Mountain Retreat, Qiqiushu Village, Chaoyang Village, Yima Village and back to Yangshuo town and the resort.

From the resort to Moon Hill is nearly 2 hours cycling. Read more about cycling in Yangshuo here.

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