Shangri-La Yangshuo

There are many Shangri-la’s these days. Shangri-La Guilin is one of them. If this is a real Shangri-La you should figure out yourself.
Oil painting impression of Shangri-La GuilinOil painting impression of Shangri-La Guilin, contact us for details to obtain this painting

Shangri-La Guilin is located 15 km north of Yangshuo and 50 km south of Guilin city. It is a nature park build inside a lake. The park is not particular big, nor is the lake. The buildings in the park are primarily Miao and Dong, two minorities who mostly live more north of Guilin then in this area.

You can take a boat to cross the lake and visit a cave and a forest of peach trees. According to the legend there was a poet who called this place Shangri-La Guilin.

Shangri-La Guilin

Inside Shangri-La there are folks performances of Miao, Yao, Dong, Zhuang minorities). On the way out there are souvenir shops and you can get snacks and drinks (not cheap!).
Shangri-La Guilin

Getting there and opening hours

You can take a bus from Guilin or Yangshuo (Y7 one way). Entry free is a hefty Y60 and it is open from 9.00 AM until 5.00 PM.

Shangri-la Guilin

Some people asked me if it worth the effort and entry fee. It’s hard to say. I think if you have visited (or planning to visit) Longsheng and Sanjiang, I would give it a miss. That said, bus loads of tourists, mostly Chinese, visit the park on a daily base. If you have an afternoon of no activities, it might be worth an hour or so.