Sanjiang, the Dong minorities and the Wind and Rain Bridges and Dong Towers

Sanjiang, or better, Chengyang Chiao is a must for everyone who would love to learn more about China’s minorities in north Guangxi and east Guizhou provinces. The Dong and Miao minorities have preserved much of their culture which makes a visit to Sanjiang and further into Guizhou province exciting.

The famous Wind and Rain Bridge in Chengyang Chaio, Sanjiang
The famous Wind and Rain Bridge in Chengyang Chiao, Sanjiang

Although Sanjiang town is not the most exciting city to visit, it is worth to spend an hour or 2 here. But the journey starts for most travelers in Ping An (Longsheng) at the rice terraces. From here it’s about 80km to Sanjiang and on the way there’s a few quite interesting things to see.

On the way from Longsheng to SanjiangOn the way you will see many more rice terraces, maybe not as spectacular as the Longji rice terraces, but worth your attention.

You will pass numerous Dong villages and here and there a Wind and Rain Bridge though none is as spectacular and well preserved as the one in Chengyang Chiao.

On arrival in Sanjiang town, you will be greeted by a new Dong tower, your entrance in Dong minority county.

If you travel by public transport, you will most likely miss the huge Dong tower in the city center.

Sanjiang Town Center

Arguably a hit or miss but in my opinion it’s certainly worth to spend an hour, maybe two in exploring the town center, especially around the huge Dong Tower that dominates the town.

The huge Dong Tower in Sanjiang including inside an exhibition of Dong Culture
The huge Dong Tower in Sanjiang including inside an exhibition of Dong Culture

Apart of the tower and the square, there’s little to keep you busy.

The beautiful Wind and Rain Bridge, entrance to Chengyang Chiao
The beautiful Wind and Rain Bridge, entrance to Chengyang Chiao

Chengyang Chiao

Chengyang Chiao is where you want to be. Some call this little town, or better, a series of villages grown into each other, the heart of the Dong culture in China. The main focus is the 90 years old Wind and Rain Bridge but the villages have each also smaller bridges and several Dong Towers.

Wind and Rain Bridge Chengyang Qiao

Entrance fee to the village is Y60 and I think it’s worth the money.

Dong people in Chengyang Chiao
In 2001 I was in Chengyang Chiao when there was a funeral.

You can stay in the villages and explore the Dong Towers and Wind and Rain Bridges which are still actively in use for local purposes.

Chengyang Chiao Chengyang Chiao

You can enjoy yourself with some nice hikes in the area including one opposite of the wind and rain bridge to the top of the hills with some amazing views.

Our Tours to Sanjiang

To visit Sanjiang you will need to have time as the travel time is significant. Our 8 days tour includes a visit to Sanjiang and Chengyang Chiao.

Should you want to do an exclusive minority tour (not including Yangshuo or Guilin) to Longsheng, Sanjiang, Zhaoxing and further into Guizhou province, please contact us.

Chengyang Chiao

Getting there

Should you want to visit Chengyang Chiao on your own, be prepared for some extensive traveling. If you are already in Ping An, take the local bus to Longsheng town center, about 30-45 minutes drive. Change here bus to Sanjiang, around 2-3 hours and change again bus in Sanjiang for a bus to Chengyang Chiao, which is another 18km north of the city.

On sale in Sanjiang, minority dresses
On sale in Sanjiang, minority dresses

Both Sanjiang and Chengyang Chiao have hotels