Rainy morning, Li River cruise from Guilin to YangshuoA river cruise Guilin to Yangshuo through Xingping is a great way to enter the limestone karst mountains of Yangshuo and Xingping. The question of course is why you would the cruise above a taxi or bus to Yangshuo.

That answer is easy given, the cruise gives you a complete different view on the surrounding then the bus, taxi, bicycle or hike does.

I have always loved to be on the water, and the cruise certainly gives a different view over the surrounding limestone mountains. The reflection of the weird shaped mountains can be magic.

Sometimes the weather is a bit hazy or raining which generates very different views. But it is seldom disappointing. However, it is recommended you start your cruise early as the views in the morning are better then in the later parts of the day.

Li River Cruise Guilin-Yangshuo
Photo from my first visit to Yangshuo in March 1996 with a lot of rain

We offer you a river cruise Guilin to Yangshuo on the Li River through Xingping that starts just south of Guilin.


Spectacular view over the Yangshuo area
Cruise boat in Yangshuo

A river cruise from Guilin starts at Zhujiang wharf. The boat follows the Li River (Li Jiang) all the way south to Xingping and Yangshuo.

The first kilometers are not too much of interest but around Yangdi, the scenery starts changing. Get a view on the map where the area starts getting spectacular.

Being on the river and feeling the serenity of the surrounding is a special feeling, it is that feel that makes a river cruise Guilin to Yangshuo special. The slow boat goes downstream the river. The cruises have an upper deck from where you can shoot your photos.

Starting point, as said is the Zhujiang wharf 31km from Guilin. There are everyday boat leaving at 9.30 am. The trip to Yangshuo takes about 4 hours and makes a stop in Xingping. Getting to the wharf takes 30 to 40 minutes, so if you take the river cruise from your hotel Guilin or Yangshuo, your starting time will be 1 hour before departure.

Cruise boats arriving in Yangshuo
Cruise boats arriving in Yangshuo

We do not offer a river cruise directly from the airport in Guilin as most flights do not arrive on time for being on time at the boat departure. If you arrive by plane, we can offer transport to either Guilin or Yangshuo and organise the river cruise from there.

In high season... and endless line of cruise boats on the Li River
In high season… and endless line of cruise boats on the Li River

The Yangshuo Travel Guide has the following offers:

  • Starting point in Guilin at your hotel to the Zhujiang wharf and the boat to Guilin for Y450

This package includes a guide and the transport costs. See our Tour Pages for booking

li river cruise guilin to yangshuo
It can be crowded at the cruise

Another river experience would be a hike/boat journey starting from Yangshuo. The hike/boat journey takes about 4 to 5 hours. The journey will include 3 boat rides and hiking to the villages of Lanshi and 9 Horse Hill. The price for this 4 to 5 hour journey is Y300 for 1 person, 2 or more pay Y250. In Xingping we take the local bus back to Yangshuo.

Li river cruise
In the high season there can be more than 200 cruise ships
at the same time on the river… it’s why we recommend our
Yangdi river cruise before all the big ships come

If you want to make a booking for one of these tours, please contact us