Puyi, an alternative road via Fuli and Yangfenchang

Although Puyi itself has little to offer, there is a road to explore that is quite exciting. The journey described on this page takes about 5 hours and about 65km, so most people would like to use a motorbike or scooter. Trust me, it’s worth the effort.

It all starts in Yangshuo with the road to Fuli, about 9km from Yangshuo town center. Admitting it is not the most exciting part of the journey. However, if you decided to explore this road, make sure you come on a market day, get a refreshment at the market and continue after.

You have to stay on the S305 for another 17 km or so until you find a junction to your right (just before Shazi). There is only one junction (to your right) although there are several small roads before the junction to your right. These small paths lead nowhere.

So after 17 km out of Fuli, you arrive at the only junction on the road so far (left or right). There is no sign but this is the road to Pingle which passes Puyi and it’s hard to miss.

The first kilometers are flat and you pass fruit tree plantations. Soon however the limestone karst mountains come in sight.

Just stay on the main road. There is hardly traffic here. After about 10 km you’re now close to the limestone mountains and you will pass several villages.

The road starts swindling now through the mountains but there’s no climbing involved. You will pass several smaller junctions to villages but you have to stay on the main road.

Soon you arrive at the spectacular dam and lake sight Yangfenchang. The lake is about 1 km in length. You can cycle only on the east bank of the lake but the views are spectacular.

It’s another 6 km from here to the bridge which crosses the Li river at Puyi and Fuxing. The next interesting thing to see here is a restaurant build as a Dong minority Wind And Rain bridge. It stands in the middle of a lotus pond.

It’s a few kilometers to the junction with Pingle and Fuxing. First comes the junction with Pingle. There is no sign but you have to turn right. A bit further on you will see Fuxing village. There’s a junction to your right which leads into the village. You can cross the river by ferry. However, it is just as easy to use the bridge which is only a few years old and leads into the new part of town. Even the road is not finished.

It used to be a one street town, it’s now a 2 street town. One street is new, the other is old and leads back to the river with some awesome sights towards Fuxing.

From the town it’s 17 km back to Yangshuo, (via Liugong and Mushan) see this page for details

The journey will take you most of the day. In summer time, when it is hot, I would advice to leave early (also for the market in Fuli). Make sure you bring water. You won’t find any shops in between Fuli and Fuxing (although you might be lucky in Yangfenchang) for either water or food. There are some restaurants in Puyi.