The school project in Pudi, Yangshuo

Pudi is a little village, 22 km from Yangshuo. It’s a hard to reach village and it does not appear on any of the Yangshuo maps which are sold in Yangshuo. The village is home to Jessie Lu, our tour operator and guide.

Pudi is located at the Li river, but it doesn’t have a decent road connecting the village with other towns like Fuli, Xingping, Ping Le or even Yangshuo. If you want to visit, you have to make some effort. See our Pudi page for more about getting there.

The school in Pudi with Jessie and a few of her clients (back row)
The school in Pudi with headmaster Lu Hua Xiong and a few of her clients (back row)

Although Jessie lives the last few years permanent in Yangshuo, she has never forgotten where she came from. Her first school was the Mingyi Primary School in Pudi Village.

The villagers have a hard life. Most of them are farmers, making a little money on the rice and vegetables they grow and sell at the markets of Fuli, Yangshuo and other towns in the area.

Most of the people are poor. The new Chinese welfare has mostly skipped them. The consequence is that the children in the village are also poor.

School Pudi
Jessie, headmaster Lu Hua Xiong with a Rebecca’s friend from Hong Kong, donated Y 5000
Rebecca (couldn’t come to Pudi this time)

While Jessie left Pudi to find her luck in Yangshuo, her parents still live in Pudi. She remembers the days at school in difficult circumstances. Now she found it time to do something back for the school were she first studied.

The Mingyi Primary School has a shortage on almost everything. From paper to color pencils, books and educational materials.

Jessie and her clients in the school class in Pudi
Jessie and her clients in the school class in Pudi

A visit to Pudi is included in some of the tours Jessie offers. Jessie’s guests are usually brought to the school to give an extra lesson
English. Her customers are encouraged to make a small contribution to the school. Some do, some don’t. It’s voluntary. But all guests agree, the visit is usually the highlight of their China journey. (see this comment)

Together with the school headmaster, Mr. Lu Hua Xiong, they will spend the money on materials the school is in need of.

school project in Pudi

Recently Rebecca from Hong Kong came back to Pudi to make the official donation to the school. It was a big thing in the tiny village.

Donations so far came from

  1. Rebecca from Hong Kong donated Y 5000
  2. Sarah, Daniel and Dianne from Canada donated Y 600
  3. Some others  from USA, France, Canada, England, Hong Kong donated books,
    pencils, etc..

The donations are fantastic, but more is needed. At the moment the most needed additions at the school are:

  • A library (there is none)
  • Replacement of all the chairs and desks in the classes
  • A playground (there is none)

Here are more photos of the schools condition.

YOU can help to. Jessie explained to me the school need many more supplies. Thus we are looking for sponsors and donations for the school in Pudi! Are you interested in helping the school out? Please contact Jessie by email or phone (0086-13807830981).

You can also make a donation directly using Jessie’s Paypal account:

We will keep you informed about the process of donations and we will show you how the money is spend.