It’s August 2008 when I first visit Pudi. The primary school has holiday. I see the building, it’s an not that old ugly building where I can’t imagine you will find a lot of fun. It’s June 2009 and I am back in Pudi. This time I meet the headmaster Mr. Lu Hua Xiong. It’s a kind of cultural shock the situation in the school.

I was not expecting much but the school is in terrible state. The village is mostly ignored by the official channels. Tourist do not come here, except for those who are lucky to book with us!

To show you how bad the situation is, here is a photo report of the school.

YOU can help to. Jessie explained to me the school need many more supplies. Thus we are looking for sponsors and donations for the school in Pudi! Are you interested in helping the school out? Please contact Jessie by email or phone (0086-13807830981).

You can also make a donation directly using Jessie’s Paypal account: