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When you look at our tours, you may think, “I like this Yangshuo tour but … I would like to have “this” included instead”… Is that possible? Lucky you, some things are possible, others may not, depending on logistics. Certain combination is not possible, such in the morning visit the rice terraces at Longsheng, and on the same day, to visit Pudi in the afternoon.

However, rest assured we will do our best to accommodate your requests.

Our tours are all about YOU. So we give you the opportunity to create your own most fabulous Yangshuo-Guilin and Minority tour. How does it work? Simple… read this page, click on what you would like to include in your tour.

Once we have received your preferred activities, we will create an most optimal schedule for your tour with minimal travel time and maximum pleasure.

Bicycle tour around Moonhill and rafting (full day)

This activity takes a full day. There are several tracks we can offer. Which trail would you like to include? Yangshuo Tour

We cycle from Yangshuo to middle of Yulong river which is about 7 kilometers ride, then you will get on the bamboo raft. This will take about 1.5 hours on the raft.

After bamboo raft we cycle to Moon hill, you can hike to top it is 1 hour hike (if don’t want to hike you can stay at bottom), have lunch, after lunch, we cycle back to Yangshuo from another countryside road. This trip is about 6 hours (full day)
Cycle from Yangshuo to Yulong bridge, take bamboo raft and drift for about an hour and a half down to Jiuxie.

From Jiuxie cycle from back track of Moon hill through Zhutou mountain (this is a seldom visited area), Longtan and to Moonhill.

There we have lunch at Moonhill cafe, after lunch, cycle back to Yangshuo from another small road. (see for details this and this page to get an idea about the biking trails) (full day).

Cycle from Yangshuo to Liugong, then take bamboo motor raft on Li river back to Yangshuo. (half day).

Cycle from Yangshuo to Liugong, cross the river by ferry and continue via a small countryside road to Pudi village, have lunch at farmer’s house, after lunch, cycle back to Yangshuo from another way (full day).

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Boat cruises

We have 3 different cruises for you available.

Boat cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo. This is the most popular of all cruises. Our boat guide will pick you up from your hotel in Guilin at 8pm and bring you to the Zhujiang wharf. Here you will take boat down to Yangshuo, it is about 4-5 hours on the boat, you will have lunch on the boat. Our Yangshuo guide will take you to your hotel in Yangshuo. Walk around in town in afternoon. Full day tour.

The second boat tour is less popular but no less spectacular. It starts with an early morning ride to Yandi where you board a boat which will bring you to Xingping. This boat ride is highly recommended boat ride in the early morning to Xingping (spectacular!), with a further visit to Xingping town and on the way back to Yangshuo a visit to the ancient town Fuli to visit the local market (only on market days). Half day tour.

Our third boat trip takes a lesser traveled part of the Li River: Yangshuo to Puyi. It is part Li river which is under development, not many tourists go on this part, it is more local, less tourists. Half day tour.

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Our minority tours can include Longsheng (Ping An rice terraces), Sanjiang (Wind and Rain Bridge and Dong Minorities) and Zhaoxing (typical Dong village).

Longsheng and the rice terraces

This can start either in Yangshuo town or at the Guilin airport. Visit Ping An and hike around the rice terraces.

The journey takes about 3.5 hours. We will explore a little of the village and enjoy the scenery of the rice terraces which are build on the steep hill slopes.

We will meet some of the local minority people living and working here. After lunch, we transfer back to the airport for the evening flight. It is about 2 hours drive from Ping An to the airport.

If you want, it's possible to go out hiking and visiting some villages in the area:

We walk to the Old Zhuan Dragon back bone village to visit the oldest house in this village, get to know how the “Zhuan” minority people’s house looks like, and how the local people’s life is.

After visit this village, we will all the way walk down to the main road, the driver and luggage will wait at main road for us. This hike total about 3 hours.

It's a 5 hours walk from Ping An "Zhuan" village to Dazai "Yao" village. On the way can we will see the beautiful rice terraces and have a glimpse of local people's life. After the lunch in Dazai, we will go back down to Car park.

The driver and the luggage wait at Daizai Car park for us. Then we drive back to Yangshuo, about 3.5 hours drive.


This requires an extra day as Sanjiang is located north west of Longsheng. We offer a visit to the Wind and Rain Bridge and several Dong Towers in the nearby villages. We can add a visit to Linxia for the local market or hikes in the area.

Longsheng and Sanjiang

Visiting Zhaoxing requires another extra day in your tour. Zhaoxing is a small Dong village another 100 km west of Sanjiang and worth the effort to come. We can offer hikings in the valley.

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Cormorant Fishing

Cormorant fishing in YangshuoEvening activity, see the local tradition of cormorant fishing in Yangshuo. This usually takes about an hour or so

Add Cormorant Fishing (evening):

Liu Sanjie Impressions Lightshow

Evening activity in Yangshuo, visit the spectacular Liu Sanjie Impressions Light show.

Liu Sanjie impressions show in Yangshuo
More photos of the Impression show

Add Liu Sanjie Impressions Lightshow (evening):


This is a one day tour to Pudi village considered by many the highlight of their travels in China.

Add Pudi (full day):

Caves - Silver Cave

There are several caves in the Yangshuo area, we cam offer two caves in our tours both take about half a day.

Visit to the Silver Cave.
Dragon Water Cave (with bud bath and hot bath in the cave) half day.

Yangshuo Caves

Add A Cave:

Kayaking (to Liugong and Puyi)

Half day activity, starting in Fuli and drift on the Li river to Liugong and Puyi. Car back to Yangshuo.

Kayaking from Fuli to Liugong or to Puyi

Add Kayaking:

Green Lotus Peak

In the middle of Yangshuo town, visit the Green Lotus Peak with nice views over the Yangshuo town center. Although it is possible to reach the top of the Green Lotus Peak

we only offer a visit to the lower parts of the park. The stairs to the top are mostly worn out and slippery and it is certainly not safe to go all the way up. However, the park itself has nice views over the town center and the Li River.

Green Lotus Peak

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Shangri-La is a minority theme park and can be visited on the way to or from Longsheng, it will require about one extra hour or so in your tour.


Add Shangri-La:

Hiking along the Li River

After breakfast, we will take a taxi transfer to Yangdi. Here we start hiking the best part of the Li river, it is about 5 hours hike. The hike includes crossing the river with local boats and it gives you an extraordinary view of the beauty of the Li River. Lunch in Xingping and taxi transport back to Yangshuo, arrival in Yangshuo around 3 PM.

Add Hiking Along the Li River (full day):

Traditional Chinese Cooking Class

One of the best ways to experience the Chinese cuisine is a cooking class with Linda Liang in Cloud 9 restaurant.

More about the Traditional Cooking Class in Cloud 9
Cloud 9 restaurant

Add A Cooking Class (half day):

Green Lotus Hotel:

Sovereign Hotel:

Magnolia Hotel:

Morning Sun Hotel :

Yangshuo country side

Snow Lion Riverside Resort:

Dragon River Retreat:

Hidden Dragon Villa:

Hotels in Guilin and Longsheng

In Longsheng we use the Countryside Hotel, you can have a look at our Longsheng tour page how this hotel looks like.

In Guilin we use the Eva Inn, a great 4 star hotel right in the city center.

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