The Paradesa is permanently closed

The Paradesa Yangshuo Resort, (or Yangshuo Paradise Hotel) in Yangshuo was one of the longest lasting and popular hotels in Yangshuo. Before the majority of the hotels there was the Paradesa, located right in the middle of Yangshuo.

The location was  well chosen, at the entrance of Yangshuo’s famous West Street, with views over the local pond and in the back West Street. Even in the last years of the hotels existence, it still attracted visitors even though much better hotels were available.

When the hotel was open it had 145 rooms. Locals used the hotel for wedding receptions but all is forgotten glory nowadays. The Paradise is over the years one of the most constant hotels in price and quality. It was also much used for honeymooners and wedding receptions.

You can walk into the Paradesa Yangshuo Resort and have a glimpse of the forgotten glory and beautiful views that once baffled the hotels visitors but apart of the views, there’s little left than a hotel in ruins.

On the pond in front of the ex-resort, the lonely cormorant fisherman tries now to catch the attention of those who pass by.