Muslims visiting Yangshuo and Guilin

Over the years we have received emails about Muslims visiting Yangshuo. Primary questions deal with food. So let’s see what Yangshuo has to offer to Muslims. Yangshuo is happy to cater Muslims too but the facilities are minimal.

Many questions of Muslims deal with food and the availability of a Mosque. Yangshuo has a very small Muslim community. Therefore it is not surprising there is no Mosque in Yangshuo. Those who want to visit Yangshuo can not count on a Mosque for their prayers, this has to be practiced in private in the hotel rooms or in Guilin.

Muslim Noodle shop Yangshuo
Muslim Noodle shop Yangshuo

Food wise Muslims do not have to suffer although the possibilities are minimal. There is one small Halal noodle shop opposite of the bus station. Your only alternative is to eat vegetarian. On the road to the Li River, next to the Magnolia Hotel is an excellent vegetarian restaurant: Pure Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant.

There were in August 2010 no other Muslim restaurants in Yangshuo town available.

If Muslims want to visit Yangshuo it is advised they stay in Guilin where you may find some halal restaurants although we do not know any here. We can recommend some good vegetarian restaurants in Guilin.

Muslims visiting China are better served in for example Xi’an where there is a sizable Muslim population and a beautiful Mosque, read more about Xi’an here. Obviously you will find plenty of Halal restaurants here too.

Pure Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant
Pure Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant

Other areas in China easy for Muslim travelers are Xinjiang province and Gansu. Kunming in Yunnan province has a Muslim population (and some awesome halal restaurants) and the old quarter of Kunming has some excellent night market sates.

Gansu with Xiahe as it’s center for Tibetan Buddhism has a significant Muslim population. In this area you will find many cities and smaller towns (Hezhou, Langmusi, Lanzhou) with Muslims, halal food and Mosques.

The far west of China, Xinjiang province with Urumqi and Kashgar are primarily populated with Muslim population (Uygurs) and the culture is closer to Central Asia then to China. This area borders many central Asian republics and there is a lively market in Kashgar, already described by Marco Polo in the 15th century. It’s a market where time have almost stood still.

Special tours for Muslims?

Unfortunately we do not offer special tours for Muslims though Muslims are obviously welcome to join our tours. We can not cater Muslims other then we cater any travelers. In other words, in our tours we offer advice where to eat but apart of the only halal noodleshop in Yangshuo, we can not offer anything else.

Mosques in Guilin

Mosques in Guilin

Guilin has several Mosques, here is an overview of them:

  • Guilin Ancient MosqueThis Mosque is located at Minzu Lu near the Taohuajiang River
  • Maping Mosque
    If you visit the Seven Star Park, you will find this Mosque
  • Xixiang Mosque
    Xixiang, Zhengyang Lu, Guilin
  • Chongshan Jie Mosque
    Chongshan Jie, Guilin
  • Xicheng Lu Mosque (for female only)
    Xicheng Lu, Guilin
  • Luojin Mosque GuilinLuojin Mosque
    Luojin Zhen,Yongfu County, Guilin
  • Qixing Lu Mosque
    1 Qixing Lu, Huaqiao Jie, Qingxing District, Guilin

Vegetarian restaurants in Guilin

As far as we know, there are not many Halal restaurants in Guilin too. There is however a nice selection of vegetarian restaurants:

  • Guilin Yihuan Restaurant (Nanhuan Road)
    Address: Nanhuan Road, Guilin, China
    Tel: 0773-5837566 0773-2833030
    Average Price: 36RMB
    Specialties: rice in seaweed soup
    With spicy food, good service and a nice environment this is probably the best choice for those who desire vegetarian food.
  • McFound (they have 4 branches over Guilin)
    Address: No.15 Qixing Road
    Tel: 5821920
    (No.20 Fuhe Lane 2885288, No. 7 Xinyi Road 2858866, No. 12 Chuanshan East Road 5832926)
    McFound specializes in food from the northern areas of China where wheat
    noodles and dumplings are served more often than rice. The restaurants are reasonable cheap but as they are popular with the locals, you will always find it crowded (make reservation).
  • Guilin Yihuan Restaurant (Qixing Road)
    Address: No.18 Qixing Road, Guilin, China
    Tel: 0773-5837566
    Average Price: 43RMB
    Rice in seaweed soup is one of their specialties
  • Guilin Agan Restaurant
    Address: No.17 Yiren Road
    Average Price: 51RMB
    Good restaurant but a little pricy.