Mushan Village

Mushan Village
Mushan VillageMushan is a small village located 3 km east of Yangshuo town center. The village has a history of about 500 years and many houses are build in the Mind and Qing Dynasties. Mushan village had another name:  “Ma Gua” village (the eight Diagrams in Daoism)

The construction of the whole village follows the form of “Ying Yang Ba Gua” in Daoism. In the middle of the village there is a pool: Yangyang Lak, also called TianXing Tang. The villagers believe that this village has a great future for the people who live here. All the houses of the village are build around the pond. The pond’s name is translated ” Black and white YING AND YANG Fish”. All houses are follow the idea of the eight Diagrams in Daoism. For that reason Mushan was also known as a Great “Fengshui” location.

Mushan villageDuring the Ming and early and middle Qing Dynasties Mushan village was a center of knowledge and many great scholars, landlords and high level officers who worked in the old government came from Mushan.

In the late Qing dynasty, the situation changed. Roads were no longer kept in good condition and transportation became difficult and eventually Mushan was only accessible by boat!

But through the years the villagers never gave up their believes in the traditions of Daoism and the pond is still an important part of the town. They believe that the luck and happiness of the village depend on the pond.

These days the villagers are mostly from Zhang and Xu family. Population is around 800 people. Some villagers moved to the cities to work as laborers and some have reclaimed working as farmers. 15% of the villagers also work as actors and actresses for the Impression Sister Liu, the Liu Sanjie Lightshow in the evening. The village provides most of the actors in the show of all villages in the area.

Mushan Village

There are some famous and beautiful sightseeing spots in the surrounding of Mushan such as:

  • Scholar Hill (Shu Tong Hill)
  • Fishing Lights of Snow Beach
  • Beautiful Sunrise of Dongling
  • Snow Lion Hill
  • Green Lion Hill

Getting there and away

mushan village, forest path
The path to Mushan Village Mushan village is accessible from the main (dirt) road that leads from Yangshuo all the way to Liu Gong and Puyi. Follow the road after the entrance of the Liu Sanjie Theatre, keep left and follow the sign to Mushan Village and Snow Lion resort.

At the junction Snow Lion Resort, you can continue on the road or go left to Snow Lion Resort.

If you continue on the road, the first village is Mushan Village. Walk from the main road into the village. When you are at the pond, follow the path to the riverside. There’s a good chance children are playing in the river. Turn left and walk/cycle for a few hundred meters back to the Snow Lion Resort along the riverside. You will pass a small local graveyard and a local restaurant where you can have a “farmers meal”.

Door decoration Mushan villageOnce you have reached the local restaurant at the Li River, you can see the Snow Lion Resort. To come back to Yangshuo, just pass the Snow Lion Resort and follow the path to the main road.

As Mushan is quite a scenic village, we thought you might want to see more of this 500 years old village, it certainly worth a visit!