The map of Yangshuo and the surrounding areas

I love maps, the map of Yangshuo is no exception. Maps tell you stories. It gives you a preview of the area you are going to visit. I remember when I was a kid I used to hang over the atlas of my parents. Looking at maps and imagining what those names where, what there was to see in this or that country.

Bike map Yangshuo countryside

All the trails of this website on this map:

Bike map Yangshuo
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Later when I grew older and started cycling, I started using maps. I had, and still have a huge collection of maps of countries I traveled. Always I bought a map. And many times I tried to get more detailed maps.

When I started traveling in China I brought Nelles Maps with me. Maps of a scale of 1:500.000. That was enough, even for cycling. But sometimes I wanted more detailed maps. The Map of Yangshuo was one of them. Funny enough I have several and all are slightly different.

How can a map of the same area be different? Like I said, in China, the Nelles Maps are ok to use but I usually prefer the Chinese provincial maps. These are more accurate and in every Xinhua Bookstore to get. Disadvantage is that they are in Chinese characters so I usually combine the local Chinese map with a Nelles map.

Many Chinese in China can’t read Latin characters, they will not be able to understand you if you show them a map. But they can read the local maps although many have a problem to use them.

I remember asking the direction to Kunming when I was about 80km from Kunming. The locals had no clue what I was asking. Never had they hear of Kunming. However, when I showed them the local map and pointed to Kunming, they started all talking, gave me some tea and directed me further into the right direction. Maps are a great way to get in touch with local people. For my bicycle website I wrote a little article what can happen if you travel somewhere and have no map with you: Cycling without a map.

The map of Yangshuo

We have decided to give you several maps. Some of these maps are available in Yangshuo so it might be worth to check it out when you arrive in town. The map below is not available anywhere. It shows the Yangshuo town center with the hotels, restaurants and a few of the activities and sights we recommend.

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Guilin China Cafe - Buffalo Bar Kelly's Cafe 7th Heaven Cafe & Hostel Cloud 9 Restaurant Magnolia Hotel Liu Sanjie Show Snow Lion Hotel Moonhill Paradise Hotel Yangshuo Dr. Lily's Traditional Massage & Acupuncture Xingping Rafting Green Lotus Hotel Mushan Rock & Grill TV Tower Yangshuo Hiking in Yangshuo Yangshuo Village Retreat

Map of Yangshuo


Hotels Restaurants
1 7th Heaven Cafe & Restaurant A Cloud 9
2 Green Lotus Hotel B Cafe China/Buffalo Bar
3 Hidden Dragon Villa C Kelly’s Cafe
4 Magnolia Hotel/Pure Lotus restaurant D Orange Tree Cafe
5 Morning Sun Hotel E Rock & Grill Cafe
6 Paradise Hotel
7 Snow Lion Riverside Resort    
8 Sovereign Hotel    
9 Dragon River Retreat    
10 Yangshuo Village Retreat    
  M => Dr. Lily’s Massage    
  T => 7 Star Teahouse   Fuli
  B => bus station   Xingping
  2nd Green M => Local Market   Moonhill
  TV Tower Hike   Hidden Hike in Yangshuo
  Green Lotus Peak    

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Dr. Lily in Yangshuo

I have decided to give you several maps. The second map of Yangshuo is a rough overview of the area in the direct vicinity of Yangshuo. For example, the distance between Yangshuo and Moonhill is about 9km, to Fuli Town a little more.

map of yangshuo
The surrounding of Yangshuo

A more detailed map of Yangshuo Town center I have here. West street on this map is Xi Jie Rd. The bus station is at the circle on the left corner at the junction of Diecui Rd and Pantao Rd. At the junction of Xie Ji Rd (West Street) and Pantao Rd you will find the post- and telecom office.

Having a view over the Yangshuo area, you will see the main road (321) in yellow. This leads to the north to Guilin and to the south to Wuzhou and finally to Guangzhou, around 600 km south east of Yangshuo. The distance from Yangshuo to Guilin is 66 km, Yangshuo to Guangzhou around 600km.

Map of Yangshuo
A wider view on this map of Yangshuo county

The following map is not too clear but I can’t make it clearer for this page. Therefore, click on this map for a better view. It will open in a new window.

Yangshuo county map

I hope these maps give you an idea what to expect when you are going to Guilin and Yangshuo. The maps have always been my best friend as a traveler. I hope these maps will be your friends too.