Jessie Lu is your tour operator in Yangshuo. As the town has many tour guides, it may be hard to choose a good one. With Jessie we did not only find a good operator but an incredible nice, hardworking, friendly and knowledgeable person who is always ready to help you out.

Jessie in disguise as a farmerAs I have lived in Yangshuo, I personally know many of the tour guides working here. Jessie is still my favorite.

Why you ask? Jessie knows all what the other tour guides know. In addition she has experience with tour groups around Yangshuo and in other parts of China.

She speaks excellent English and is able to organize your tour in Yangshuo and in other parts of China. She has the connections running.

Another very important thing for me is that Jessie is simply good company. I hope you will enjoy her work, her personality and her enthusiasm about Yangshuo.

Of the local tour guides in Yangshuo, she’s the best. I can promise you won’t be disappointed by her service. Some people have done a tour with Jessie.

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But what am I talking about? Isn’t it better to give the keyboard now to Jessie and let her tell her own story and what she has to offer? Here’s Jessie:

Meet Jessie Lu, our local tour operator in Yangshuo

Hi, I am Jessie Lu and I live and work in Yangshuo in south China. My job is to make travelers and tourist happy by offering the best tour guide available.

We have developed several tours over the years which I started to operate on my own. Thus I know exactly what is going on. Nowadays I delegate the workload to my guides: Ping and Chloe, whom I have trained myself, so they have the exact same knowledge as I have.

And no, I do no longer regular tours myself, my family takes more and more time from me and it’s hard to combine that with multiple days from home.

Local tour guide and operator Jessie Lu

So what do I offer? Of course we can do the usual tour with visiting Moonhill and Xingping. But what if you can get a real rural Chinese experience? After all, I am born in a local village not far from Yangshuo, called Pudi. We (Peter and I) think this is a beautiful little village which is worth exploring, so we have a one day special tour for you which includes a visit to my parents house.

“One of those great experiences you want to have as a visitor, meeting local children! We visited a school and we ended up teaching an impromptu English class! It was fantastic, as our amazing photos attest.”

Susan Cartwright and Melanie Smith
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You will see the town, have lunch with my family (regardless if I am your guide or not) and see some of the farmer countrylife in rural China, which is quickly disappearing now.

Few people have heard of Pudi.even in Yangshuo! Typically people will try to tell you it’s Puyi, Lipu or Fuli. Nothing is further from the truth.

Our one day Pudi tour is for many travelers the highlight of their China adventure, not in the last part when my father starts playing his erhu, a traditional snare instrument.

What else can I offer you?

When you come to Yangshuo, you will get the best of the best. I can promise you. And my customers are happy, see the reviews.

Jessie with her mom and dad in Pudi
Jessie and her parents in Pudi

Experiencing a rural village where seldom tourist come, where you can see how I grew up and where life has not been spoiled by the modern world. The local farming village we visit is completely authentic, traditional houses where you will meet local farmers. We will have a lunch with some locals and you will be surprised how much you will be able to communicate with them even though you don’t speak the same language. We will go on the rice fields and see how people make a living here.

Jessie on a raft to Pudi village, her hometown
On a raft to Pudi village, my hometown

Half of China’s people are rural farmers. Come meet them. Even if you are an experienced traveler in China, visiting this village will change your way of looking at rural life.

“Jessie took us to a little village, it was clearly the highlight of an amazing month in China. We were invited into a home for a meal, met an old woman who had never seen a Westerner, and made friends even though we don’t speak the same language. Thank you Jessie!”

Craig and Kristy Holch
Connecticut, USA 
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You’ve come to see the real China and to meet real Chinese people. In this customized daytrip, you will travel with a professional guide to an unspoiled farming village and meet family, friends, and neighbors, who are still farming the land, the way Chinese have for thousands of years.

Jessie with some local school childrenOur multiple days tours are balanced adventures in which we visit the local must see sights as Moonhill, some caves, and the Li and Yulong rivers.

North of Guilin we visit Longji rice terraces near Longsheng but if you really want to explore rural China, we do offer a few spectacular tours deep into Guizhou to areas few tourists ever come.

Although we offer the usual tourist attractions in Yangshuo, Guilin and Guizhou, we have our personal touch and, even better, each tour contains sights no one else offers. The Longji and Guizhou related tours are examples of such tours.

Preserving China’s heritage

China is changing rapidly, even in the rural areas where both
the farmers and their lands are disappearing to feed the
growing industrial economy. Tourism and its effects can
further dramatically alter village lifestyles.

During a tour deep in Guizhou

We strive to minimize the effects of tourism, to retain the authentic China. To that end, you are asked not to tip any villagers, but are encouraged to bring your smile and willingness to make friends. Extra donations will go towards the school (never to me).

How to make your reservation?

Nothing is easier then to book a tour with Jessie. To get in touch with Jessie, just call her at her mobile phone: 0086-13807830981 or
fill in this form to get online contact with her. We will do our best to answer your questions within 24 hours.

You can also book one of our special Yangshuo Tours with Jessie (or Ping) for 2 and more. We are able to book for bigger groups on request.

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