Bicycling or by bus on the old road

On the road from Liuzhou to YangshuoAfter visiting, I cycled Liuzhou to Yangshuo. Compared to Guilin, Yangshuo and some other areas, the Liuzhou has little to offer.

The limestone mountains are not really that fantastic although east of the city there are some nice sceneries. However, the journey from Liuzhou to Toupai, Lipu and Yangshuo is worthwhile ….

But that said, there is a nice road to travel from Liuzhou to Yangshuo. Most travelers don’t see this road unless they take the slow bus which seem to take forever.

But it IS a great road to cycle. So this page is for those travelers who are in for a bit more adventure.

The journey is about 200 km and should be done in 2 or 3 stages.

Liuzhou to Yangshuo, easy and quiet scenic roads
Liuzhou to Yangshuo, easy and quiet scenic roads


By the time I arrived in Liuzhou I was sick of the rain. Almost two weeks in a row it had been raining continuously. I do love cycling, but 2 weeks rain, even in temperatures of almost 30°C and very little to see is no fun anymore.

Accommodation in Liuzhou

Finding a rock bottom cheap hotel in Liuzhou is not easy. Most of the hotels are 3 or 4 star hotels. This too makes Liuzhou less interesting for travelers who have a bit more time to spend. Despite this, we have found some decent priced and good hotels.

Hotels in Liuzhou

Just east of Toupai

Leaving Liuzhou

Getting out of Liuzhou is quite easy, basically you have to follow the directions out of town to the Guilin Highway via the Guilin Road which continues in the Liudong Road, the 322 National Road.

This road leads to Luzhai. There is little need to stay here as you are only 30 km or so from Liuzhou. After the city, you will cross the highway. Here the fun starts, the hills start rolling and the road gets quiet.

On the road from Toupai to Lipu
Liuzhou to Yangshuo via Toupai and Lipu

The 323 swindles through the hills with an occasional little climb but it’s nothing serious. The first time I cycled this road, I continued in one ride to Lipu where I spend the night (1999). However, when I did this road again in 2011, I decided not to get too tired and found a little clean hotel in Toupai at the junction for going south to Xiangzhou.

Toupai right in the middle of the journey to Yangshuo, another 100km further on. Should you decide to continue directly to Lipu, know after Toupai a moderate hill starts.

But after the climb to just over 300 meter it’s all quickly going down to Lipu.

Lipu to Yangshuo

Lipu itself has little to offer for the travelers. There are the usual hotels and markets. The new city center is busy but offers little special. If you have stayed in Toupai, just make the next 50 or so km to Yangshuo in one day and don’t waste time here.

The junction to the Silver Cave
The junction to the Silver Cave on te way from Liuzhou to Yangshuo

The journey north to Yangshuo is pleasant and soon you will find yourself surrounded by limestone mountains. Once you pass the junction to the Silver Cave, you know you have arrived in Yangshuo Country, but … it is still another 30 km!

If you are used to cycle about 100km a day, you can easily do Liuzhou to Yangshuo in two days.

Once you reach this gate, you have arrived at Moon Hill
Once you reach this gate, you have arrived at Moon Hill