Cycling to Liu Gong

Liu GongCycling to Liu Gong is for the little more adventurous travelers. This is because most of the road is still an underdeveloped dirt road.

But the rewards are there too. The 17 km to Liu Gong offers spectacular views and Liu Gong village is worth the effort. 

Leave Yangshuo on the south site and follow direction to the entrance of the Liu Sanjie Lightshow. You will pass East Street, which in time might be a competitor for West Street.

After the entrance of the Liu Sanjie Show, follow the direction to the Snow Lion Riverside Resort and Mushan village.

Mushan Village is worth a stop. It’s a hundreds of years old village with a central pool and old Qing and Ming dynasty houses, many in excellent
condition. See our Mushan page for the full story and photos.

After Mushan you can follow the road, which is by now a gravel road for about 10 km to the Liu Gong junction.

The scenery on the way is spectacular. In the first kilometers you will come very close to the Li River:

The road turns back in the countryside, at first the mountains are nearby and the land is quite empty:

Soon however the mountains turn a bit away and and you will see the open farm land where farmers have always something to do:

Although the road is not the best, it’s worth the effort. To a certain extend, time has stand still in this land.

You will pass several tiny villages. I had in July 2010 the bad luck to get a flat tire here but Xinzhai, a slightly larger village a man was able to fix it.

From Xinzhai it’s another few kilometers to the Liu Gong junction. It is a kind of time machine, this part of the Yangshuo county:

Once you arrive at the junction, there is a marker, from here it’s another 2 km to Liu Gong.

Liu Gong

Liu Gong is a small village at the Li River, about 17 km east of Yangshuo town proper. The town would be a dismissal if there had not been a few things you would want to see. Before you enter the village you can have the “Three Colours Pond”. The name is actually inaccurate, as there are three different small ponds with each a slightly different colour. As I am a curious person by nature, I wanted to see the ponds but I was disappointed, there’s nothing much to see. However, the scenery is quite nice.

Liu Gong town is close by. It’s a small attractive town which, like Mushan is several hundreds of years old. Many houses date from Ming and Qing dynasty. There’s a beautiful and restored gate and temple to be visited. The temple is located at a nearby hill. A 5 minutes walk using stairs lead you to the entrance and inside the temple.

Nearby the gate, right at the riverside, is a small floating restaurant but at the moment there are no hotels.

Be careful with making photos of the villagers, not all will approve it and some may ask you for money.

You can cycle the same way back to Yangshuo. An alternative is to cycle back to the junction and turn left. The dirt road continues for another few kilometers ending on the main road which connects Yangshuo with Aishen and Puyi. At this junction turn right, it’s 10 kilometers back to Yangshuo.

Alternative you can cross the river to Bamian and find your way to Sazi village on the main road to Guangzhou. This is a long way, at least another 25km. I’ve done this once, it’s a nice dirt road crossing the mountains on the other side of the river but you have to cycle on the busy main road to Fuli and Yangshuo for quite some time.

An alternative is to join our bike tour to Liugong, which includes going back from Liu Gong by Motorraft. Click here for the details.

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