For travelers on budget, there’s now Kelly’s Guesthouse in Xingping. As Kelly says… why stay in the city when you could stay in the countryside… so stay in Kelly’s Guesthouse. And I admit, it is a charming little guesthouse right in the heart of old Xingping.

Kelly is the proud owner of Kelly’s Cafe, a popular place to hang out in Yangshuo. After several years in Yangshuo with her cafe, Kelly opened this year (2011) her own little guesthouse in Xingping.

She offers some nice and cozy spacious rooms with good views over the town center and surrounding areas. The guesthouse has double rooms and a dormitory plus, of course, a restaurant.

Cyclists visiting find in Rich, the manager, a cycling enthusiast who can help you solving problems, should you have any.

I’ve stayed in Kelly’s Guesthouse in May for 2 nights. It was certainly a pleasure! Recommended!!