Kayaking in Yangshuo

Kayaking in Yangshuo is an option to spend an early morning or a late afternoon. What an exercise is this! William, from the 7th Heaven Cafe and Hostel invited me to join a small group for a boat ride to Puyi village, around 18 km on the river.

Kayaking – the spectacular scenery of the Li River

We had a late afternoon kayak. William was our guide. We took a taxi to the bridge just outside Yangshuo on the road to Fuli, Hezhou and Guangzhou. It was only a few kilometers where the boats already at the river side.

We had a kayak per person. As I had never done any kayaking I had to get the hang on it first but as the river was quiet and we were mostly easy floating in the silence of the scenery, it was easy to do.

The views on Page Boy Hill and the Snow Lion Ridge from the water was magnificent. Although there is a path that roughly leads along the river, the actual views from the water were very different. Slowly we peddled on the speed of the water, passing weird shaped rock after rock.Sometimes we saw a farmer working on the fields but most of the time it we were just on out own.

Kayaking at the Li River

After a while we also passed Fuli town on the north side of the river bank. The little village of Puyi is slightly busier then other villages in the area. As Fuli is close to the main road it does attract a little more attention. On market days people come to Fuli by car, motorbike but also using the boat as the village is right the riverside.

Kayaking at the Li River

William let us stop on a little island in the middle of the Li River, the Li Jiang, to stretch our legs. We had a drink and a snack before we continued to Puyi. The river turns in many bends with spectacular views. It was indeed magic to see the limestone mountains now from a complete different position.

Kayaking in Yangshuo

Kayaking at the Li River

Although the trip had taken a couple of hours or so on the water, I felt I wanted to do more. Unfortunately there was no more time. In Puyi we walked through the village where a taxi was waiting to bring us back to Yangshuo. Kayaking in Yangshuo turned out to be much more exciting then expected.

Kayaking in Yangshuo, what do we offer?

There are basically two trips we offer. The kayak (or canoe if you want), trip is always done with a guide so there will be a minimum of two people needed.

View over the Li River which leads all the way to Fuli and Liu Gong

We can offer a kayak for the trip from Fuli to Liugong or to Puyi. From Fuli to Liugong takes about 1.5 to 2 hours and cost Y150. Fuli to Puyi takes about 3 hours and costs Y200.

There is a minimum of two people required for the kayaking trip. The availability depends on the situation of the day. Some days it can be more difficult to arrange a kayaking trip depending on weather, water and other factors.

If you are interested in a kayak trip, please contact us