There are around 300 hotels in Yangshuo. But even with that amount, during the holidays, Cihinese New Year, Golden Week and Moonfestival, it can be seriously difficult to find a room. Apart of these weeks, hotels are easy to find. As I come every year at least once in Yangshuo, I always try to find new options. Some hotels come and go, some lower standards, or get much better. Therefore it’s a good thing to check my favorite list of hotels.

We have several more hotels in Yangshuo available on this page

All prices are given in Chinese Yuen (RMB). For checking the conversion to your own currency, please us our currency converter. The hotels we recommend have staff speaking English.

Snow Lion Riverside Resort

The Snow Lion Riverside Resort is very new Yangshuo retreat just outside the town center. William and Linda run this great hotel which located near the Liu Sanjie show

They have worked very hard over the years to fulfill a dream, to own one of the real classy hotels in Yangshuo! And, I have to admit, they have succeeded.

Few places in Yangshuo offer a better and more spectacular view over the limestone mountains. With their dream coming true, William and Linda offer such a lovely hotel.

The Snow Lion Riverside Resort, as located 2.5 km outside the Yangshuo town center, has a good restaurant with Chinese and Western food available. And in case you want to organize a barbeque, these facilities are also available.

The Snow Lion Riverside Resort has wireless internet facilities so you can bring your laptop computer and work in the spectacular scenery.

Comparing price and quality, this Yangshuo retreat is an excellent option

We have a lot more information about the Snow Lion Hotel here, and more about the resorts’ history. The Snow Lion Resort has special activities no one else offers. As the Snow Lion Resort is build nearby the little village Mushan, we offer a page about Mushan and an additional photo page about Mushan.

Already convinced the Snow Lion Resort is the best choice?

Morning Sun Hotel

The Morning Sun Hotel is located at the quiet side street of West Street which is just a minute away. It is a family hotel, open since 2002. The rooms are build around a Qing/Ming dynasty courtyard.

Although the Morning Sun Hotel has no official star rating, it is considered to be a 4 star with AC, hot showers, western toilets etc. There is a restaurant though this is breakfast only.

After a complete renovation in the winter of 2012 the hotel is better than ever. In Jerssie, Ping and my view it’s at this moment the best hotel in town. That, plus the spectacular rooftop views (see our Morning Sun Hotel page) makes this hotel the best choice in Yangshuo town.

Magnolia Hotel

The Magnolia Hotel is located in Yangshuo town center. It’s a terrific choice partly because of the location and partly because of the room quality.

I stayed in the deluxe double room which is so spacious you could ride a bicycle around! (I’ve lost the photos I made of the bike in the room though).

The Magnolia is one of the best in town.

The hotel is conveniently located within 3 minutes walking from West Street and the Li River boulevard.

All rooms have double glass to prevent the sounds of the streets invading your room. Service is top notch.

Next door’s Pure Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant is worth to try out.

Convinced the Magnolia Hotel will be your choice?

Yangshuo Village Retreat

The Yangshuo Village Retreat is a hotel that opened its doors in 2011. The location is just outside the Yangshuo city center, a few km into the countryside north of Yangshuo. I know we say this about a lot of hotels but in this case it’s special. The hotel offer an extremely good value for the money.

Food and service are excellent, in our view, this hotel should deserve to be a 5 star but it lacks the swimming pool. It’s the highest quality hotel in town, there is little doubt about it. It beats in every aspect also the two 5 star hotels in Yangshuo and it is for that reason we place it above all other hotels.

Green Lotus Hotel

The Green Lotus Hotel in Yangshuo is one of the two 5 star hotel in town. It’s located very conveniently in between the famous West Street and the new area with East Street and the Liu Sanjie Lightshow theatre.

The hotel offers a range of facilities including a beautiful swimming pool. About 80% of the rooms have spectacular views over the Li River and the limestone mountains behind.

Although the Green Lotus is a 5 star hotel, several reports from guest tell us the hotel has problems with the service. Problems include carrying suitcases, keys that don’t fit or are lost which can take a while before new keys arrive and lack of room service (one customer was told it would be better to eat outside the hotel than ordering room service!).

Here is more about the Green Lotus Hotel Yangshuo. We also have added a selection of photos in and around the hotel, check them out here.

Yangshuo Secret Garden

The Yangshuo Secret Garden is a unique boutique hotel in the Yangshuo vicinity. The boutique hotel has at the moment 6 rooms available and will expand in the near future to 18, which are all located in beautifully renovated Qing/Ming dynasty houses in Jiuxian Cun neat the Yulong river.

More about the Yangshuo Secret Garden

Sovereign Hotel Yangshuo

The Sovereign Hotel in Yangshuo is a relatively new 4 star hotel in town with 286 rooms. Located in between Yangshuo’s famous town center West Street and the Liu Sanjie Impressions lightshow, the Sovereign is a wonderful choice.

Compared to other hotels in town, the Sovereign offers probably the best view over the Li River and combines comfort with what you can expect from a 4 star hotel. Rooms are specious, well maintained (we highly recommend the rooms in the VIP Building).

Breakfast (excellent Western and Chinese) is included in the price.

Dragon River Retreat

The Yulong river provides Yangshuo with some of the most spectacular sights in the region. Therefore alone the Dragon River Retreat is worth a stay. This Yangshuo retreat is brand new. With excellent views over the surrounding limestone mountains and a sneak view into Moonhill (!), the Dragon River Retreat is certainly one of the finest hotels in and around Yangshuo.

The hotel is located 8km from Yangshuo but that should not turn you off as transport to and from Yangshuo can always be arranged. For local exploration there are bicycles for rent and you can easily board one of the many rafts passing by at the Yulong River.

Here is much more about the Dragon River Retreat, photos and price and much more plus an additional photo pages

Already convince the Dragon River Retreat is your hotel?

Yangshuo Hidden Dragon Hotel

The Yangshuo Hidden Dragon Hotel is another beautiful hotel in the surrounding countryside of Yangshuo. More then any other hotel, the Yangshuo Hidden Dragon Hotel breaths typical QIng/Ming culture.

If you want to experience some of China’s legendary culture, this is an excellent place. Although new build, the hotel has a lot of antiques but the modern facilities are not forgotten. Rooms with spectacular views both to the river and village belong to some of the best in the area. This is a much recommended hotel!

7th Heaven Cafe & Hostel

Yangshuo has plenty of cheap hotels, hostels and guesthouses. My favorite over the years has always been the 7th Heaven Cafe & Hostel. Originally located at West Street, but now the cafe has moved to a more quiet area 2 minutes away from West Street.

The 7th Heaven has only a few rooms and they’re often full so make sure you book in advance. The food is since long of very descent quality, especially the western food is much better then many of the other places where I have been eating.

Paradesa Yangshuo Resort Hotel Guilin

The Paradesa is permanently closed.

Long regarded as number one hotel in Yangshuo, the Yangshuo Paradise (or Paradesa) is was one of the more up market hotels. 3 years ago the hotel was closed with the idea of renovations.

However, it seems the Paradesa is now permanently closed and, when I was in Yangshuo in May, no one really knew what is going to happen.

More about the Paradesa Yangshuo Resort