Liuzhou may be the little brother of Guilin but it’s still worth a visit. Here we present some hotels in Liuzhou Guangxi province. Many of the hotels in Liuzhou are 3 and 4 stars  with plenty of additional facilities. Rock bottom cheap hotels I have not found.

Liuzhou Hotel

Liuzhou International HotelThe Liuzhou Hotel is one of the top end hotels in Liuzhou. During my 2 days stay in 2001, I stayed here for the simple reason I wanted.

Although it’s mostly known as a business hotel, it is a good choice for family travelers too. Amongst the additional facilities are an indoor swimming pool. tennis courts, in and out door KTV, sauna, spa, restaurants (including a vegetarian) and bars.

Service is decent though not all the staff speaks English (as I found out when I visited)

Hua Xi Mansion Hotel

Hua Xi Mansion HotelThe Hua Xi Mansion Hotel is another 3 star hotel. It is located two kilometers from Liuzhou’s city square though in walking distance of the shopping centers and tourist areas.

The hotel has a good restaurant and other facilities as a sauna, baby sitting service, business centre and conference facilities. In the area you will find some good hot pot restaurants which I can recommend.

Yan’an Grand Hotel

The Yan’an Grand Hotel is a three-star hotel located on Feie Road. The main building is 15-storey high, containing business rooms, and standard rooms. There are 5 conference rooms in different sizes. The restaurant is famous for its traditional Chinese cuisine and dim sum. The Yan’an Grand Hotel is a good place for conference, vacation, business, tasty dishes, and entertainment.

Lijing Hotel Liuzhou

Lijing Hotel Liuzhou

The Lijing Hotel is located in the commercial district of Liuzhou. The rooms are as usual in China, decent and spacious for this kind of hotel. Amongst facilities are an indoor swimming pool, sauna/steam bath, gym, massage, tennis court and a 12-lane bowling alley.

The hotel is recently (2008) refurnished and has an onsite restaurant which serves probably the most authentic Western food in Liuzhou. Staff is friendly and helpful. They can organize tours in and around Liuzhou for you.

Jingdu Hotel

The Jingdu Hotel is another 4 star hotel in town. This hotel does not stand out from the other 4 star hotels. It is simply another excellent option for business travelers and tourists alike. The hotel offers additional facilities as a gym, sauna or massage services in health center. You might also go to where a brilliant pearl pub, KTV, which are greatest places to relax.

More hotels in Liuzhou

Liuzhou has more hotels, check them out and find your favourite: