Hiking to the TV Tower in Yangshuo is one of those activities many people skip. There are various reasons for it. First you have to find the path that leads to the tower. There are no signs, so you need to follow your instinct.

When you are in town, and look at the tower, towering over the town center, you will see it is a long way up and many feel discouraged to even start. It IS quite a climb but it’s not a difficult climb up. The path is mostly stairs and most is in OK condition so it’s not dangerous except of a few places where you have to pay serious attention.

Where to start? First, check our map and find the TV Tower, it’s behind the market. Now, when you walk to the market (the one at Pantao Road) and stand in front of the market, go right and take the first street next to the market. As there are no signs you have to follow your instinct a little. Behind the market is the hill. What you need to do is this: walk in the small street and at the end go left. Then take the first street right and keep following the direction to the hill. You will go a few times left and right until you reach this point in the photo above:

Before the wall in the photo is a path going up.

The higher you come on the path, the more spectacular the views become.

A good advice is to go in the early morning. Start at 7am. It takes about an hour to an hour and a half, depending how fit you are and how much time you need to make photos.

The higher you come, the more you will sweat out, so bring a bottle of water. You need it!

A good advice is to use your walking boots but as I am a stubborn man, I always use my sandals, and that is fine too. The path is mostly fine.

Before you reach the top there is a gate. This should be open. However, if there is construction work going on at the tower, this is as far you can go. There is no way of knowing in advance.