Hiking in Yangshuo

Where many people get a bicycle, I walked out of town to do some hiking in Yangshuo. It is funny how easy you can get out of town and be far away from any person. So yes, you can get away from the crowds, local and foreign alike.

On this page you will find a hike I did (for the first time in the 13 years I come in Yangshuo) which takes 3 to 4 hours and is easy to do on your own. There are no signs but you can’t get lost too. And with respect to most of the guides, they either don’t know this hike, or don’t want to know it claiming it is not interesting. I would suggest, see for yourself.

There are two paths to start the hike. On this page I will explain you how you hike a nice loop in the valley. I will start with the junction right after the gate and come back via the village you see in front of you when walking out.

So, where do we start? Get the map of Yangshuo. Take the road out of Yangshuo passing the People’s Hospital to the Secondary School (Shenshan Rd).

At the gate, look for a concrete path to your left. The main road ultimately can lead you to Baisha or Nine Horse Fresco Hill and Xingping
(see my cycling page how to get there).

This path leads along the padifields. Once on this concrete small road (no traffic) there are two options but they will lead to the same destination. I suggest take the first junction to your right which crosses the padifields. Opposite of the padifields, go left and follow the path all the way up to the pass.

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Should you not cross the rice fields here, you can continue on the concrete road for a little after which the path turns into a dirt path but a bit further you can cross the padifield again. This path crosses the path in the above paragraph mentioned at a small well where you might see people doing their laundry. Be discrete in making photos!

The path leads now to the pass, it’s an old stone path. Once up, it’s not difficult, but you better wear some sports-or hiking shoes.

At the top, take a moment to turn back and see the Secondary School in the far. Later on you will have a similar view when you come back on the other side of the hill.

Going down is pretty straightforward. Stay on the main path. There are a few junctions of small paths leading either on private agricultural land or up in the hills. I tried a few but non led me anywhere (later more).

On the way down you can already hear the traffic of the main road Yangshuo-Baisha. The path leads you into a small rubber plantation. In fact the rubber trees extend all the way on the west side of the hills. I have tried to climb up one of them but again found no way to continue.

Just before you enter the main road you will find 2 graves. Once at the main road, go right (direction Baisha) and stay on the road for about 300 meters. You will find a path to your right (and another opposite of the road which leads to a pond with a dam, another nice little hike, but not now).

The path to your right will lead you back to the village you came from. It starts with a reasonable wide dirt road through the field. Farmers will be busy here.

Hoover your mouse over the photos to get a better view

The path can be in the rainy season, as I experienced in June 2012 very wet. It was hard to keep the lens of camera dry to make photos, see above.

This path is easy to follow. It leads back within 15-20 minutes to a pass. Turning back gives you a breathtaking view.

Just after the top you will see an abandoned quarry to your right. There are two ways back to the village at the quarry. You can follow the path along the quarry whicvh leads to  a junction you have been before. Go here left and walk to the village.

Alternative you can use the smaller path at the quarry to your left and walk from here back to the village.

Despite the general view of many local guides, I think this little hike is worth the effort. As said, it will take you 3-4 hours, for the most easy and pleasant walking