Fuli – a little market town nearby Yangshuo

Market in FuliTravelers to Yangshuo usually visit Fuli. It’s a little town a few km east of Yangshuo at the junction to Xingping.

The town would be ignored if it was not located at this junction. For most travelers the market is the most significant place to visit. It is a market held on 2,5 8 ,12,15,18,22 25 28 of every month.

There is no “tourist” part of the market so you will enjoy a typical local Chinese market as used by the Fuli villagers and the people from nearby villages (like Pudi, a bit further east).

Market in FuliThe town is small, you can walk through the village in 10-15 minutes. Nobody would really visit Fuli if it wasn’t located at the road that connects Yangshuo with Guangzhou and, of course Xingping.

But does it mean you should skip it? Certainly not. The market is the obvious reason to visit. However, Fuli is also a great starting point to get a kayak and drift all the way to Liu Gong and Puyi.

The staff at the Snow Lion Riverside Hotel has a day tour available that shows you the full potential of Fuli and some other villages in this part of the limestone peaks. In this tour you will visit Fuli (of course), but also other villages as Dutou. The staff at the Snow Lion Riverside Resort is willing to guide you through this mostly ignored part of Yangshuo county.

Should you feel comfortable to get your own adventure, take our Yangshuo county map to get directions.

Getting there and away

Market in FuliMost travelers either make a stop in Fuli on the way to or from Xingping. The bus to Xingping will stop here frequent. Others, like me, get a bicycle and cycle on the main road to Fuli, about 9 km from Yangshuo town.

Although the road is not the most interesting to cycle, it is still rewarding, especially if you continue to Xingping.