To the Dragon Bridge and the Yulong River

There are many road leading to the Dragon Bridge, here’s one possible way to enjoy it the best. We start in Yangshuo and cycle out of town using the main road to Baisha, 8 km away. In the center of town follow the direction to the highway. It’s a few kilometers to the Yulong river.

You can cycle to the Yulong Bridge (and further to Jinbao, at the moment, August 2010, this bridge is under construction) and board a raft here. There are some beautiful views over the Yulong river to the north.

There are clear markers on the road from Baisha to Dragon Village and Dragon Bridge. The Dragon Village is still very small but you can start with a rafting experience. A good option here is to raft to Juixian and cycle from there further back to Yangshuo.

If you want to cycle all the way, cross the Dragon Bridge and go left. This is a road that will also bring you to Jinxian (stay left otherwise you will follow the gravel road via the Zuthou valley to Gaotian, see this page for more details).

Cycling at the southern side of the Yulong river offers some spectacular views over the countryside, quite different from what you would experience when you raft the same area. Villagers burry their loved ones with views on the river. You will see plenty of graves on the way.

It is a clear small road with some occasional local traffic passing you. At the Jinxian bridge you can go for a swim, it’s a hugely popular place and safe.

Cross the bridge here (to where you can board the rafts) and cycle through the village to Yima (the first part is a dirt road to the bus parking place).

An Alternative backtrack to Longtan and Moonhill

The alternative is to continue on the south side of the river and do some backtracking to Longtan Village and Moonhill, which I have described on this page. If you come from the Dragon Bridge, make sure you are at the other (south) side of the river. Instead of crossing (to the boarding area for rafting), continue straight on.

Read more here about this trail.

The road from here on might be a bit busy with buses bringing tourists for boarding the rafts. Continue from here to Yima village. After the village you can choose to go directly back to Yangshuo by staying on the main road or, follow the dirt road at the junction to Moonhill, 3km to the right (after the village).

This path leads to the Giggling Tree Guesthouse (good food and drinks here) and further to Dragon River Resort and the Gong Nong Bridge. You will have some very beautiful countryside views on this part of the river.

You will pass the Dragon River Retreat and arrive at the Gong Nong Bridge.

From the Gong Nong Bridge is an easy way back to Yangshuo town center. Should you want to cycle this whole trail, expect a full day journey, in km’s, to Baisha, Dragon Bridge to Gong Nong Bridge and back to Yangshuo, around 30km. This sounds maybe a lot but in fact, if you take your time, it will be an easy ride.