Yangshuo – Aishen – Gong Nong Bridge

Cycling routes in Yangshuo, where should you go, what are the most spectacular routes to cycle and what should you avoid? Here’s some options. Let’s start with a half day cycling tour through the rice fields and local villages.

Cycling routes Yangshuo
To be seen in this bike ride

We start in Yangshuo, let’s say at West Street as it is an easy reference.

Yangshuo – Aishen – Gong Nong Bridge

Take the road out of Yangshuo in the direction of Moonhill. At the Green Lotus Hotel, stay left and follow the Li River, following the direction to the Lui Sanjie Impressions show theatre, which is 2 km away.

Pass the theatre. At the next junction, a split in the road, stay left (direction Mushan). A few hundred meters further is a bridge. Just after the bridge, go right and follow this path until you reach Aishan. This is a few kilometers cycling.

Dirt road to Aishan village

Aishan is easy to find, just follow the main path. You have arrived in Aishan when you are back on the asphalt road. Find the Guangxi Yangshuo Rural Cooperative bank the village (it’s the big building right of you), opposite is the small dirt road which leads all the way to back to the Gong Nong bridge.

Aishan village
There’s small dirt road opposite of this bank in Aishan Village,
one can only wonder what such a huge building does in the tiny village

Take this dirt road and follow the main path. After some kilometers, the path will curve along a huge rock, first left, then right. It passes a tiny village.

Dirt road from Aishan to Gong Nong Bridge
… just before the path curves left of the mountain …

The path curves left again. Here you find a junction to your right, which leads to a dead end. You will need to take the next one, a few dozen meters further.

Should you decide to take this first junction to your right, it passes a small bridge and leads to a dead end at the Yulong river with some spectacular views. Total extra time to cycle, about 15 minutes.

Views of the Yulong river
This view can only be seen when taking the first junction

This track leads to all the way to the main road at Gong Nong Bridge and passes Hidden Dragon Villa. On the way you will pass a village, just follow the main track.

Views on the way to Gong Nong Bridge
Views on the way to Gong Nong Bridge

The dirt track shows you a large part of the beauty which made Yangshuo famous.