There is a big river which flows through Guilin. We were on holiday there and on one night we had a ferry ride. The ferry stop by for a short while to view the activity of the cormorant bird and the fishermen on bamboo raft.

The cormorant bird has the ability to fish even at night. The cormorant fishing is now made into a tourist attraction. Interestingly our tour guide said that the number of cormorant bird owned and seen on the bamboo raft is a reflective of the number off people in that household. The bird usually become blind when old but they are treated with respect until it dies of old age. I took some pictures of the bird. In the pictures they don’t look like any living animal. They looked like stuffed birds – very artificial looking bird. They posed but don’t have the look life in it.

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You got to see them to believe what I said. They are a kind to themselves. There is no bird close enough for comparison. The fishing method is old and it has been discarded for more efficient means of fishing.

If you are going to Guilin you will be fascinated but the many hills – some 330,000 hills in one region – simply amazing.

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Better for you too make the trip yourself. Finding out yourself will be different from what you get to hear. You will love China – I promise you.