Traditional Chinese Cooking Class Yangshuo

Learn Chinese cooking with the experts

Yangshuo has many hidden gems and doing a Traditional Chinese cooking class is one of them. A cooking class Yangshuo can be done at several places but if you ask me, I would do it with Linda Liang and her staff at Cloud 9 Cooking School

The first question you may have is why you would want to learn to cook, the second may be what you will learn.

Chinese cooking is extensive and different from other kinds of cooking, thus a cooking class gives you the opportunity to explore a little of the Chinese way of cooking.

Linda (middle) in her Cloud 9 restaurant in Yangshuo

In Yangshuo there are many restaurants, but there’s only one restaurant with the style and quality as what Cloud 9 offers. This is because Linda Liang has a vast knowledge of cooking (she’s even mentioned by Kylie Wong, an Australian TV cooking personality). Linda knows her stuff. You can read more about Cloud 9 here.

Cooking School Cloud 9, with just behind the school the Li River

Originally Cloud 9 Cooking School was held in the
Cloud 9 restaurant
. In 2011 the school moved to the Snow Lion Riverside Resort, Linda and her husband Williams resort just outside Yangshuo at the Li River.

The new location makes learning to cook in Yangshuo only more exciting.

Cooking class Yangshuo in Cloud 9 is fun

Teacher Panda explaining how to make springrolls

Linda has several teachers working with her. All of them have the same knowledge (as they are taught by Linda herself) so quality is always guaranteed.

I have followed 2 classes in 2010 when the class was located in Cloud 9 restaurant (and will follow another in May when I am in Yangshuo again). Below are the dishes we made at the time.

Some results of the cooking class Yangshuo

Cooking in Yangshuo is not “just a tourist attraction”, it’s learning something about the Chinese culture itself. Food is more part of the culture than in many western parts of the world and the Chinese take great pride in their food. So in this way you will learn something special about the Chinese culture of enjoying making and enjoying food.

And after cooking you will enjoy the meal right here

The class takes about 3 hours including consuming the dishes. Transport from Yangshuo to and from the resort is of course included.

Please contact with our tour operator to book the cooking class. contact: Jessie Lu; mobile number: +61479084198; 0r +8613807830981; email: