Cloud 9 – #1 Chinese Restaurant in Yangshuo

Sophisticated Chinese delicacies

Cloud 9 is without a doubt and by far the best Chinese restaurant in Yangshuo. Not only from a western point of view the restaurant is seen as the single most important Chinese restaurant in Yangshuo, locals too come frequently to eat here. And as every traveler knows, if locals eat somewhere it must be good and affordable. But Cloud 9 is much more.

entrance cloud 9 restaurantWilliam Lu set Cloud 9 originally up as one of the first disco’s at the corner of Chenzhong Road and West Street at the first floor with the entrance just around the corner. Soon after opening, William and Williams’ wife Linda Liang transformed the disco into the restaurant which it is nowadays.

Inside it is a typical Chinese restaurant with the round tables for 8 to 10 people (which makes the restaurant an excellent place for parties!).
You want to sit outside and enjoy a view on West Street? No problem, Cloud 9 has a balcony with a great view over West Street. Tables for 4 persons are available on the balcony.

The menu of Cloud 9 is extensive with a focus on the Sichuan cuisine, a typical spicy kind of preparing food.

Specialties of the house include the typical Yangshuo beerfish, a dish you have to try in Yangshuo as you are not able to find it in other places.

A good dish to share with a group of people is the local hotpot, Sichuan style. It’s a pot with two kinds of soup, one spicy, the other is not. You will boil your vegetables, meat and other ingredients yourself.

Cloud 9 Yangshuo
Cloud 9 Yangshuo, the single best Chinese restaurant in Yangshuo

Another great dish is the Sichuan styled gong bao, a dish with rice, chicken, veggie and peanuts. Beef in red pepper sauce, chicken claypot soup and steamed bamboo rice are some of the favorites.

Cloud 9, bar with diverse rice based drinks
Cloud 9, bar with diverse rice based drinks

Garlic flavored pork ribs are another of the excellent dishes. Watch out you won’t eat your fingers, as the pork ribs are amazing!

Enjoying the meal after the cooking class in Cloud 9
Enjoying the meal after the cooking class in Cloud 9

Ever eaten snails? If not, here is your best chance to get stuffed snails with pork. It takes a bit of effort to make them but it’s an amazing dish.

cloud 9 yangshuoCloud 9 offers cooking classes. All the dishes at the menu can be included in your cooking lesson and with a professional staff, you will explore the local cuisine in the best way. I followed a cooking class (I can not write about it if I haven’t experienced myself, right?) and ate what we 9 yangshuo Cooking classes are on a daily base and prices depend on what kind of dish you (read your group) want to prepare. Linda has trained her staff very well because due to her other activities as owner of the Snow Lion Resort, she is not always available to do the cooking class herself.

Here’s more about the cooking class

Linda, who herself is a master-chef is keeping a keen eye on the quality of the dishes and is always keen in exploring new ideas to ad on the menu

cloud 9 yangshuo

Linda is recommended in Kylie Kwongs’ book about a culinary journey through China. Wong has a famous TV cooking show in Australia and can be seen as an authority in the world of extraordinary cooking.

What more can I tell you about this amazing restaurant? Cloud 9 makes eating out in Yangshuo a real adventure. If you have no idea what to order, just ask the waitresses and they’ll explain you what the different dishes are.