Cafe China Yangshuo

Cafe ChinaCafe China is one of the best restaurant and cafes in Yangshuo. It’s also one of the cafes in West Street
that are there for many years. Malcolm, the owner, has a whole house at the corner of West Street and Xiangqian Road.

On the ground floor Malcolm, the owner, has a small restaurant cafe and bar. It’s open from early morning to late night, as most of the cafes. At the top floor there’s a roof terrace where you can escape the busy West Street and enjoy a relaxed afternoon enjoying the scenery around Yangshuo and get a glimpse of people strolling West Street.

What makes Cafe China different is the quality of the food served.

Cafe ChinaSo what are the specialties of Cafe China? Since long Malcolm is a coffee addict. Thus he has made sure his coffee is of the best quality. He has imported a coffee machine and freshly ground coffee beans. Cappuccino, latte, espresso, you name it. And a good cup of coffee goes well with the excellent cakes China Cafe offers. Try lemon, strawberry of the even better blueberry cheesecakes. China Cafe is the single best cafe for your coffee and cheesecakes.

The food served is of the same quality. China Cafe has two separate kitchens, one for the western dishes, one for the Chinese dishes. Recommended dishes are orange duck, barbeque chicken and many more.

Address: 34 West Street, Yangshuo, China