Not too many people are bicycling to Puyi. Many find it just too far away. But the real question is, is it worth to visit Puyi? Personally I think Puyi town is nothing much but I do like to cycle here. I think it’s worth the effort, especially if you take the back road to Liu Gong.

If you take the main road via Aishen, it’s 17 km and cycling via Liu Gong (here’s the details how to cycle here) it’s even more, 27 km one way. I would recommend to use this road, even though it’s longer.

If you are in Liu Gong, go back to the junction and go left. There is an alternative dirt road to Puyi to take. Just a few hundred meter after coming back on the main dirt road, there’s a small dirt road going left. It swindles through the mountains to Puyi.

The path is mostly flat and leads to Degongzha, a tiny village on the mountain slopes close to the Lijiang river. On the way you will the Li River again and have views to for example Pudi village on the other side. This track will take another 30 to 40 minutes.

The road ends just outside Puyi. The village is now bigger due to the construction of the highway which passes Puyi in just hundred meters. Although Puyi is forgettable, the scenery at the riverside is beautiful.

You can continue to the other side of the river, Fuxing and cycle all the way to Pingle, from where you have to continue to Lipu and back back to Yangshuo, a very long way. Alternative, you can go left when leaving the jetty and continue to Pudi and eventually to Sazi and Fuli. This is also a long way.

You can easy cycle back on the main road to Aishen and Yangshuo, just 17 km. Only the first few kilometers there are some slight hills but later on it will all be flat. Even though this is a good asphalted road, it is still worth the effort as there is plenty to see on the way.