Bicycling to Putao, Jinbao, Gaotian and back to Yangshuo

The page describes Bicycling to Putao, Jinbao, Gaotian and back to Yangshuo. It’s an uncommon route for most visitors to Yangshuo, mostly because it is a long ride. That said, you can rent a motorbike/scooter and have fun in a more remote area around Yangshuo.

There are two ways to cycle to Putao (from Yangshuo):

  1. Take the main road to Baisha
  2. Take the alternative road as described here

This article is using the main road to Putao. The total distance this road will be is around 70 km. If you take the alternative road, even more scenic, add another 25km.

The start is in Yangshuo. Cycle to Baisha and Putao, 22km. You will pass the Shangri-La complex. You could visit Shangri-La, but you can also cycle around it. Just before Shangri-La there’s a small road leading to the village, a few kilometers towards the mountains. At the edge of the village, go right and follow this village road towards a new bridge over the river. Boats from Shangri-La pass here. Just follow the main path back to the main road.

Back on the main road it’s another few km to Putao. Take the junction in Putao to Jinbao, signs are on the main road. Still in Putao town there’s a small park on your left, now abandoned and closed but it must have once been quite nice with extensive walk paths along the hill.

In the town center, go left. There is a clear sign: Jinbao 21 km. The road is new and in excellent condition with hardly any traffic except an occasional motorbike or tractor. A few km after Putao, you arrive at a T junction. The road to your right leads to Guilin, left leads to Jinbao

The karts limestone mountains are a little bit further away but there are several spots with unique views.

You will cross the motorway which connects Yangshuo with Guilin. It is also the start of a more curving road.

Jinbao is not far but there’s a few little hills coming up. The road swindles through the hills to Jinbao where you can decide to cycle back to the Yulong river by following the direction to the highway. It’s a little junction in the middle of Jinbao town. The road goes up and comes down at the Yulong river. From here you can go to the Dragon bridge and back to Yangshuo.

Alternative you can continue the next 20 km or so to Goatian. Be prepared for a few nasty little climbs of a few kilometers each even though the road follows the river.

There’s slightly more traffic here but nothing much to worry. There’s more villages here as this area is easier connected to Yangshuo and Lipu.

The closer you come to Gaotian, the more the surrounding turns back to the typical limestone mountains of Yangshuo.

With the arrival of the highway, Gaotian is also now a much bigger town. You can have a stop here for a refreshment. Moonhill is just a few kilometers to your left. Going right leads to theSilver Cave and Lipu.

It is a pleasant bike ride on good asphalt roads seldom traveled by foreigners, especially the part in between Putao and Jinbao. If you have the time I would surely recommend bicycling to Putao, Jinbao and Gaotian. Should you want to see this road but do not want to cycle or ride a motorbike, you can take a bus to Putao and change there to a bus to Jinbao. In Jinbao you have to change again for a bus to either Gaotian or Baisha.

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