Bicycling in Yangshuo

No doubt bicycling in Yangshuo is one of the most popular things to do. No visit to Yangshuo can be complete with a day on a bicycle, visiting Moonhill, Camel Hill, a trip to some of the caves or just a bike ride to Liu Gong, Pui, Fuli or even Xingping.

What is your favorite bike ride in Yangshuo?

What is your advice for a good bike ride in Yangshuo?

Your bike ride advice

Here is Henk’s submission about going to Caoping

Since the early 1980’s bicycling in Yangshuo has been the single most popular activity. In the early days many of the trails were not paved, but nowadays that is just history. Still, some of the most spectacular sceneries can only be visited using old dirt roads.

If you do not have your own bicycle (like most travelers), you can rent them all over the Yangshuo town center.

The old bicycles should cost Y10 per day but modern mountain bikes will be more.

Scooters are also popular thought they can not go deep in the limestone mountain areas as the paths are small and seldom paved. Scooter rental is Y80 a day. Like bicycles you are supposed to bring the scooter back before sunset.

Bicycling in Yangshuo, everywhere are bicycles for rent, like here, next to the 7th Heaven Cafe & Hostel

Although going around is not very difficult, it is useful to get a guide. Guides can introduce you to local family life, not seldom relatives or close friends. This way you will be able to see a part of Yangshuo which on your own might be difficult to find. Bicycling in Yangshuo with a guide can give you some memorable experiences.

However, there are a few good bike rides you can easily do yourself. Let’s explore them:

Other cycling options

Some who bicycling in Yangshuo choose Xingping as a option. Xingping is indeed a popular bicycle destination. A good way to explore Xingping is to drop your bicycle in or on a bus and cycle back to Yangshuo.

Long distance cyclist may want to consider to cycle from here to Guilin on the old road north. In the first few kilometers you are still in the limestone mountains. The road crosses the Dayuan river (get a nice swim there) and goes into the hills with some climbs up to 500 meter. Some of the road is just gravel and therefore not easy to do. However, it is worth the effort although you will have to stay a night in Guilin and cycle back on the main road to Yangshuo. Here’s more about the road from Xingping to Guilin

In case you want to go off the beaten track, much further then a few towns in the surrounding area, here’s a road few, if any have traveled: the road to Libo, a very spectacular though seldom visited town and surrounding.

Other cycling options around Yangshuo