Cycling to Baisha using an alternative road

On the way to BaishaBaisha is a little town 8km from Yangshuo on the way to Guilin. Putao is another 8 km or so further on the same road.

Both towns are forgettable but especially Baisha sees quite a few travelers. It’s not because Baisha offers a lot of places of interest but it does offer an entrance to some of the most spectacular areas of the Yangshuo/Guilin countryside: the Yulong river.

In this article I will explain you how to reach Baisha from a complete different direction. Remember, this is not the usual way to reach Baisha!
We start our journey in Yangshuo. Although the distance between Yangshuo and Baisha is only 8km, this road is around 20 km. You can take a bicycle or scooter to explore this area. The road is everywhere paved and in excellent condition.

We start in Yangshuo and take the road to the hospital in the town center at Shenshan Road. This road cuts right through the mountains just north of the town center.

Pass the hospital and leave Yangshuo in the direction Jiaoba Lin, the marker board says 9.5 km. You have to follow this road all the way straight on. There are some minor junctions but you have to follow the main road which will lead you Guban village and a t-junction.

This road swindles through the hills with tea plantations all around. Some hills are reasonable steep so be careful especially when you go down. The first village you will pass is Bajiaolin.

If you think you have had your climbs you’re wrong. More climbing will follow. You will cycle (or motorbike) from here from hill to hill. There’s a viewpoint with a pavilion on the road and although there’s nothing to buy here, it’s a good stop to enjoy the scenery/

rom here it goes even more up and down with some quite dangerous points even though is hardly any traffic. Again, be careful!

In this area you will find many tea plantations. Once you reach the t-junction you can choose to continue to Putao (direction says Putao and Nine Horse Fresco Hill), which is another 24 km through a similar landscape as you just have had or continue the next 8 km to Baisha.

Should you decide to take the Putao direction, it’s probably wiser to use a motorbike unless you are an experienced cyclist (as the total distance for this journey will come close to 70km!).

After the junction you will continue cycling in the hills but there are more farms the closer you come to Baisha.

The total distance to Baisha this way is just over 25 km, quite a difference with the main road which is only 8km. You can take here the main road back to Yangshuo, another 8km.

Not ready to back to Yangshuo? You can choose to continue to the Yulong river and cycle that way back to Yangshuo, here are directions for continuing to the Yulong river and the Dragon Bridge.

Other cycling options around Yangshuo