You can go backtracking behind Moonhill. This is a little more difficult but not impossible. It all starts with taking the first junction to your right after passing the Gong Nong Bridge but before Moonhill (for the ferries at the Yulong river).

During the wet season the road crossing the Jinbao river can be flooded but usually you can pass. In 2009 I had this situation so be careful.

This trail leads to a crossing of the Jinbao River to Fenglou Village. In the village you can continue to your left on a trail that ultimately ends at the riverside (at least it ends here in the wet season), otherwise you may be able to to continue to Longtan but don’t count on it.

You can pass Fenglou Village and follow the small paths all the way behind Moonhill, which can be seen too.

More interesting is the scenery of the Jinbao river itself. You may see some farmers looking surprised you have found this area, as few tourists ever come here. You might be lucky and see a couple making wedding photos, a good choice if you ask me.

Back in Fenglou village you can continue through small paths to Tongmen Hill.

You can go inside the rock formation but there’s no path on the other side. Instead you can cycle around the rock formation and follow the Yulong river. This is for the most only very small paths and may be hard to find but it is possible.

As long as you follow the Yulong river, you will finally end up at the junction which crosses the Zhutou Mountains to Longtan. You can continue from here either to Longtan (left) or straight which leads ultimately to Jiuxian where you can cross the Yulong river. See for more details how to continue our Gong Nong Bridge – Longtan – Back track to Yulong River page.