Art Gallery in Yangshuo

Morningsun Gallery

There is no problem to find an art gallery in Yangshuo. In fact it is hard NOT to spot them. In and around West Street you will find many. Most sell cheap Chinese paintings, although you may have to bargain hard for a decent price. However, if you are interested in better quality art, you have to visit the Morningsun Gallery.

Morningsun Gallery

Why the Morningsun Gallery? There are 6 artists supplying their work to the Morningsun Gallery: Zheng Jun Li (Nanning), Mao Zuming (Yangshuo), Wei Bing Shan (Zhongshan – east of Yangshuo), Wang Jin Ling (Xinxiang, Hunan province), Wang Zhongyi (Xi’an) and Mo Ban Cai (Yangshuo).

The Morningsun art gallery in Yangshuo exclusively has paintings of these 6 painters. Sometimes, not always, the local painters come to the gallery to work here.

You can have a look how the creative process takes place. With any obligation you can come in, have a cup of tea (it’s free) and just enjoy.

The Morningsun Art Gallery Yangshuo is located at No. 4 Cheng Zhong Road in the same building as the Morning Sun Hotel. The gallery usually opens at around 9AM and closes late in the evening.

And yes, you will find cheaper paintings but you will not find better quality paintings in Yangshuo. Each painting is unique and original. As I said before, regardless if you want to buy some, just go and have a look.